Punch Line Philly

There are benefits to having a comedy venue out in Fishtown, the main one being SPACE. This newly constructed section of Fishtown boasts an alcove of fun. The venue is tucked away between the main drag on Frankford Ave. and the Sugarhouse Casino on Delaware Ave. This theater presents all kinds of spaces that enhance the audience experience. There are a full-service bar and kitchen that serves up delightful treats for the most discerning of palates. The Lobby bar is large enough to comfortably accommodate the crowd of people the venue is able to pack in. Step outside with your drinks onto the pleasant outdoor patio before the show. Big names like Shawne Waynes are attracted to performing at this space because the large capacity creates big, fun and loud shows. This theater has a unique ability to untether itself from traditional comedy shows. They offer a Drag Diva Brunch Show, one of the funniest running shows in the city, every Saturday at noon. They also offer a surprisingly hilarious experience with their Friends Trivia Night which benefits the PSPCA. Plan a fun night out in Fishtown at Punchline!



Helium Comedy Club

There is a street in Philly, this street is called Samson. It stretches all the way across the city from 1st to 23rd, but there is one block that is particularly poppin for Comedy fans. I’ve lovingly named the 20th block of Samson the City’s Comedy Cluster. This block is home to some of the heaviest hitters in the Philly comedy scene. If you’re headed there, as you well should as a comedy fan, the first stop you’re gonna wanna make is to the Helium Comedy Club. This is the most straightforward standup theater in Philly. This stage is often the chosen destination of nationally recognized standup acts that are touring. This theater is able to deliver some of the most reliable laughs in the city. When you go, you can rest assured that you are going to take in a solid stand-up set with experienced performers who are guaranteed to make you chuckle. The audience experience is tailored for the perfect night out, offering food and drinks alongside your entertainment. Check out their impressive list of performers and shows on their website



Philly Improv Theater

This theater has revitalized and ruled the Philly improv scene since its inception in 2006. Starting out as an improv training center, the organization has grown to occupy two stages in the Adrienne Theater. Located in the city’s comedy cluster on 20th and Samson, the theater produces sketch, stand-up or improv comedy almost every night of the week. The theater’s roots in its training center guarantee quality stage time to both veteran and green performers. The main stage’s aesthetic, with its beautiful red velvet seats and brick back wall, has the classic echoings of theater nostalgia. If you’re interested and excited about discovering the freshest voices in the Philly Comedy scene than this is the venue for you. Pick up a beer, or a bag of wine or a canned cocktail to this BYOB evening out. Come and enjoy the strong sense of comedic community at the Philly Improv Theater. Stay on top of the schedule to catch the best recurring improv teams in the city with a good ol’ dose of irreverent sketches thrown into the mix.



Good Good Comedy Theater

This tiny black box theater will scratch your itch for that laugh-out-loud irreverent feeling you may be seeking in a comedy-night-out. The space is conveniently located on a corner in the heart of Chinatown. They feature mostly Philly based performers that seamlessly combine different comedy disciplines. The theater boasts a lively schedule of interactive comedy shows. Cornerstones of the theater’s success have been reoccurring shows that have well-established formulas, staying fresh with new rounds of comedy guests every show. Shows like Weeding out the Stoned, Makeup or Breakup, and Set-up are constantly serving up a fresh round of Philly performers. Audience members are warned, a lot of the magic of this theater is its ability to integrate audience participation into their most established shows. They also have been quietly dominating indie touring standup circuit in Philly. Instead of choosing larger or more established comedy venues in the city, comedians like Joe Perra and Eliza Skinner are choosing to perform in the smaller yet lively black-box theater in Chinatown. The theater has been able to create a loyal community of performers and volunteers through their vibrant and creative class offerings. Once there, enjoy the array of concession snacks and “suggested donation” beer. We HIGHLY suggest you check out this venue.


CSZ Philadelphia

This international organization of funny face makers is conveniently located in my beloved City Comedy Cluster on 20th and Samson. The sleek yet intimate theater is located in the same building as PHIT but serves up a very different recipe for funny. Though they are both rooted in Improv, CSZ is set up as a game. Two teams pare off against each other in a series of improvisational games. A referee rules over the proceedings, awarding points and calling occasional fouls. This theater too is rooted in their training center as their main tool for recruitment. Their performers are their students who want to share their love of the space and the culture of Comedy Sportz. The theater markets itself well as one of the most family-friendly comedy locations in the city. The theater offers shows that are child-friendly but also a raunchy late-night Blue version of the games. This theater is also branching out into shows that showcase more traditional improv narrative skill sets. They offer a show called This Week Sucked, spinning the audience’s story of a sucky week into an improv set. Check out all of the fun things they are cooking up.