The Witout Podcast, Episode 6: Matt Holmes

This week, Matt Holmes joins Aaron to talk about his start and history in performing comedy, the rise of improv in Philadelphia over the past ten years, and Matt's approach to improv from his point of view as both a performer and director. You can listen to this week's episode below, or subscribe on iTunes.

[audio: mattholmes.mp3]

Matt will be teaching a workshop at Philly Improv Theater this Saturday from 2:30 - 5:30PM. He will also be performing with a stranger in his show Matt& onstage at PHIT Saturday at 7:00PM.

The Witout Podcast, Episode 5: Luke Giordano

This week, Aaron sits down with writer and comedian Luke Giordano. The two talk about Luke's transition from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to write for television, his experience writing for Two and a Half Men, and his thoughts and ideas about comedy. Then Luke tries to recruit Aaron to move to LA. Listen to this week's episode below and subscribe on iTunes.

[audio: lukegiordano.mp3]

You can check out more of Luke's work on his daily humor web site Everything You Like is Stupid. You can also listen to him interview some of the most famous and influential people in the world every week on The Newsmakers Podcast.

The WitOut Podcast, Episode 4: Corin Wells' Black History Project

This week, I take a break from sitting down and chatting with comedians and let Corin Wells do all the work. Corin, along with Darryl Charles, Chris Cotton, Blythe Wimbush and Setoiyo gathered to talk about the state of Black comedy in Philadelphia. They discuss their own experiences as well as their thoughts on the city, past, present, and future. You can listen here, or subscribe on iTunes.

[audio: blackhistory.mp3]

Corin Wells is a Philadelphia comedian and member of improv groups Iron Lung, Ebony and Ivory, and new Philly Improv Theater House Team codenamed Strider. We'd like to thank her very much for her contributions.

The Witout Podcast, Episode 3: Pete Kuempel

This week, we sit down with comedian Pete Kuempel to talk his career in comedy. We talk about his start in Chicago, his move to Philadelphia, and his transition to New York. You can listen to the podcast below, or subscribe on iTunes.

[audio: petekuempel.mp3]

The Witout Podcast, Episode 2: James Hesky

This week, I sit down for an interview with Philadelphia comedian James Hesky. James is a cohost of the weekly CheaPodcast (with Darryl Charles) as well as a host at Helium Comedy Club and an upcoming show at Philly Improv Theater. We chat about how James got started in comedy, where he finds material, and his experiences in Philly comedy. You can listen to the podcast below, or subscribe on iTunes.

[audio: jameshesky.mp3]

The Witout Podcast, Episode 1: Camp Woods

That's right, folks, we are starting a weekly podcast here at The goal is to sit down with Philadelphia comedians and talk about what makes them do what they do. I want to try to find out why some of our city's comedians get on stage, and what their process is in creating comedy. Basically, I like talking about comedy with comedians and a weekly podcast is the perfect excuse to do this. Our first interview is with sketch group Camp Woods, who sit down with me and talk about how they formed, their process in developing sketches and putting together shows, and their recent trip to the Chicago Sketch Fest. You can listen to the podcast below, or click here to subscribe on iTunes.


Camp Woods will be performing at Camp Woods Plus along with Secret Pants and Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting on Tuesday, January 31, at 8:00PM at L'etage (624 S. 6th St. Philadelphia).