The Podcast Ep. 15: The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie

Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie Javelin 4

Jacquie Baker and Matt Schmid talk sketch-comedy shop and discuss their upcoming show at Phit.

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Here's an ad for their show!

The Witout Podcast, Episode 14: Mary Radzinski

Aaron talks with Mary Radzinski about her start in comedy, her open mic Laughs on Fairmount, her status as a celebrated Twitter user and more in this week's episode of The Witout Podcast. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes.

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The Witout Podcast, Episode 13: Matt Besser

This week, Aaron talks with original member of the Upright Citizen's Brigade Matt Besser. They talk about improv, sketch, Matt's upcoming visit to Philly to give a lecture at Philly Improv Theater - and Matt's projects including his podcast, Improv 4 Humans and his upcoming movie Freak Dance. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes.

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The Witout Podcast, Episode 12: Kevin McDonald

Aaron sits down with Kevin McDonald of the Kids in the Hall to talk about his comedy career, his process, and the improv to sketch workshop he taught in Philadelphia. Later, Aaron talks with Brian Kelly and Paul Triggiani of Secret Pants about their experience in the class and working with someone who was a great influence on them. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes.

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The Witout Podcast, Episode 11: Rick Horner

Aaron talks to Rick Horner about his beginnings in comedy, the history of improv in Philly, and the upcoming F. Harold Comedy Festival. Listen below and and subscribe on iTunes.

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The 2012 F. Harold Comedy Festival begins next Tuesday, April 24th at Studio 5 at the Walnut St. Theater and runs through Sunday, April 29. Tickets can be purchased for the festival online.

The Witout Podcast, Episode 9: Gettin Close with Mike Marbach (featuring Kristen Schier)

In another special episode of The Witout Podcast, Mike Marbach debuts his new interview show where he sits down with Kristen Schier for an in-depth conversation about improv in Philadelphia. Listen below and and subscribe on iTunes.

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The Witout Podcast, Episode 8: Mike Marbach

Aaron is joined by Philly Improv Theater Education Director Mike Marbach to talk about the improv scene in Philadelphia. Mike talks about the PHIT core curriculum as well as their new Conservatory program. They also talk about Mike's experience training and performing in Chicago as well as his approach to directing. Listen to this week's episode below and subscribe on iTunes.

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The Witout Podcast, Episode 7: Blake Wexler

This week, Aaron is joined by Blake Wexler, a stand-up comedian that started in Philadelphia at the tender age of 15, moved on to do comedy in Boston while attending Emerson, and now lives and performs in Los Angeles. Blake and Aaron get silly. Listen to this week's episode below and subscribe on iTunes.

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Blake Wexler is the host of his own weekly podcast The Blake Wexler Show. You can see him perform this week at Helium Comedy Club with Todd Glass.