'The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth' 4/10 @ Urban Saloon

The Geek Shall Inherit The EarthLaughs on Fairmount is teaming up with Geekadelphia to present a nerdy quiz-show pitting local Philadelphia comedians against each other in an effort to prove their geeky bona fides. Which Philly comedian will prove the dorkiest know-it-all? You can find out for only $5 dollars!

Darryl Charles, Molly Pace, Jo Pincushion and Dave Terruso are slated to be contestants, with blogger Anna Goldfarb and Skeletor from the Karaoke Gong Show serving as judges.

The event will be hosted by sketch-comedy maestro Paul Triggiani, fresh off making big splashes at Toronto Sketchfest with his hit show Alley of Nightmares. Doogie Horner will also be returning to the city of brotherly-shove to open up the show with some stand-up comedy.

For more info, check out the event's facebook page, or just show up at Urban Saloon with a five-spot, for an event that fifteen years ago would have been self-deprecating, but today will be patenly braggadocious!

"Try to be Polite to People's Faces" - Interview with #bigshotcomic Alex Pearlman

Self-proclaimed "slowest-rising comedian in America" Alex Pearlman may not be able to call himself that for much longer—he's opening for Todd Barry at Urban Saloon this Sunday.  Here's him talking about that, and some other stuff!

WitOut: You're opening for Todd Barry this Sunday at Urban Saloon! How did that happen?

Alex Pearlman: Mainly networking and a lot of grunt work.  I like to call myself the “slowest-rising comedian in America” considering how long I’ve done this.  But the number one rule is networking.  You never know who’s booking shows or who’s doing what, so try to be polite to people’s faces, and keep your bitter tweets cryptic.

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Philly Comedy Round-up, Vol. 68

Last week comedian Doogie Horner wrote about being asked to perform stand-up at a holiday party, and then followed up his first post with a story about his experience.

This Wednesday Accidents Will Happen will begin their run as a weekly show at Adobe Cafe (1919 E. Passyunk Ave). This week's show will be entirely an open mic. You can sign up for the mic at 8:30pm the night of the show or via email to accidentscomedy@gmail.com

This Saturday Rookie Card at the Raven Lounge will return for their Farewell 2012 show. The show will be hosted by stand-up comic Dan Scully and feature improv sets from PHIT House Team Hot Dish and duo Steve Rogers is Dead.

It was recently announced that Todd Barry will bring his Crowd Work Tour to Philadelphia early next year when he will perform at The Urban Saloon on Sunday, January 20th. As the name suggests Barry's performance on the show will be completely crowd interaction instead of his usual written material. You can find more information on Facebook.

Billy Bob Thompson (The Feeko Brothers, Camp Woods, Hate Speech Committee, formerly of ZaoGao) has been chosen by the Peoples Improv Theater in New York as a recipient of their Improv Your Life Scholarship, granting him a full ride to their level one through five improv courses. Congrats, Billy.

This Wednesday Tight Six expands from their weekly open mic to present Not Jazz at Chris' Jazz Cafe (1421 Sansom St.) a show featuring "a mix of stand-up, music (not jazz), fun, not jazz, games, and other spontaneous insanity." The show will feature comedy from Doogie Horner, Juliet Hope Wayne, Alex Grubard, Jim Ginty, Sidney Gantt, and Robert X.

Comedian and storyteller Juliet Hope Wayne has been nominated for the 2012 Philebrity Award for General Fabulousness. The Philebrity awards are determined by online poll that will be open until Wednesday, December 19 at noon.

While we're on the topic of awards shows; the nominations for the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy have been announced. Online voting is open to comedians and the general public from now until December 21. Tickets to the show and after-party will be on sale online via World Cafe Live.

If you have any Philly comedy news worth mentioning – send it our way with an email to contact@witout.net

Philly Comedy Round-up, Vol. 56

Tonight, Helium Comedy Club will host a Comedy Central Audition where ten stand-ups will showcase for the cable television channel. Featured comics on tonight's show include: David James, Tommy Pope, James Hesky, John McKeever, Pat House, Darryl Charles, Chip Chantry, Doogie Horner, Anton Shuford, and Pat Barker. Tickets for the show can be purchased online.

Free Improv at Connie's Ric Rac returns to the South Philadelphia venue tonight for a show featuring sets from Deleted Scenes, Lock and Key, Self Esteem Motivators, Malone, Sleep Walking, Housebroken, Sad Trombone, and Kait and Andrew. Doors open at 8:00, and the show starts at 9:00.

This weekend, several Philly acts will head north to perform in the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. The festival features stand-up, sketch, and improv comedians from all around the country. This year, Philadelphia will be represented by: Aaron Hertzog, Adrift, Camp Woods, ManiPedi, Mary Radzinski, Mayor Karen, Pete Kuempel, The Amie and Kristen/Kristen and Amie Show, and The Feeko Brothers.

This Wednesday, the Nick Turner and Friends Comedy Tour 2012 will make a stop in Philadelphia at The Urban Saloon (2120 Fairmount Ave.) The show will feature Turner, a New York comedian who has performed at the SXSW Music Festival, the Montreal Comedy Festival, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and recently made his late night debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Andy Haynes, who has performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, and at the Montreal Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased online.



Fringe Show Review: Meat Man

At the very beginning of Meat Man, the Narrator, played with a natural charm by Nathan Edmondson informs the audience that the story he is about to tell contains all the familiar old tropes. His promise does not fall flat, as the show contains everything he claims in his opening monologue: a man and a woman separated by an idea but drawn together by love, a third party trying to keep the two apart, and more themes anyone who's ever watched a musical will recognize instantly. The narrator also promises something new, which is also delivered by the cast of this musical comedy.

The musical genre is sent up on an hilarious ride by co-writers Erin Davis and Eric Zrinsky in their tale about a town inhabited by meat-eaters stuck in their ways, an influx of “militant vegans” and two star-crossed lovers caught in between their beliefs and their budding romance.

Michael Melton plays the titular Meat Man, beloved by the members of his community for his peddling of all the savory treats their watering mouths can handle. Emily Grove as Violent Violet catches his eye as “fresh meat” even though the townspeople warn him of her radical vegan ways. Violet is planning to protest The Carnivores Carnival, the day of the year where all the townspeople gather to eat meat and “play meat games” and celebrate all things fleshy.

Here starts the ride of the Meat Man's courtship and Violent Violet's tug-of-war with her beliefs and her feelings. The show is filled with a variety of musical styles, sharp choreography, and meat puns and innuendo galore.

The cast obviously has fun performing and the sold out crowd at Saturday afternoon's show ate up every morsel served up by the actors. All of the supporting actors draw double duty as both the stubborn old townsfolk and the new thinking vegan members of the community. The musical talents and range of the performers shine through different styles of song and dance.

Meat Man is a fun ride for anyone looking for a good musical, comedy, or a well crafted dick joke in the form of a song.


Meat Man plays two more times at the Mainstage at the Adrienne Theater, Sunday September 11 at 10pm, and Tuesday September 13 at 10pm. Tickets can be purchased online. The first ever screning of Meat Man: The Movie will be held Sunday September 18 at 6pm at The Urban Saloon. Visit Reel 9 Productions for more information.