Philly Comedy Round-up, Vol. 87

Julia Scotti wrote this post about moments of awakening, understanding, and her evolution as a comedian and person.

The Not Just Comedy Show brings its mix of stand-up, improv, and music to The Grape Room again this Tuesday for a show featuring performances by: Mikaela Hamje, Chris Wood, Scott Speegle, Dr. Tony, Bed Savage, and musical guest Rev. TJ McGlinchey.

Metro Comedy Live comes to Helium Comedy Club this Wednesday for an evening of stand-up comedy from Nema Williams, Ed Blaze, and Vince Barnett.

This Wednesday through Saturday ComedySportz Philly Presents: Friends of Alcatraz at The Playground at The Adrienne Theater. The improvised puppet show for grown-ups returns with a cast featuring Kelly Vrooman, Dave Jadico, Joe Sabatino, Rob Cutler, Caitlin Weigel and Rachel Whitworth.

This Thursday the Lawnboys Comedy Showcase comes to Puck in Doylestown for a show featuring stand-up comedy from Aaron Hertzog, Omar Scruggs, Tim Raymus, Fady Khalil, and Matt Lips.

Figment Theater's bimonthly Vagabond Sessions is back this Thursday; this time at The Maas Building (1325 N. Randolph St.) The show will feature improv performances by: The Chain, Half-Life, The AD Showcase with Andrew Stober and Maggy Keegan, and The Table.

Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie will play this Thursday at The Keswick Theatre. After the feature the audience can participate in a question and answer session with Jay and Silent Bob themselves, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.

This Friday short-form improv group The N Crowd celebrates their eight-year anniversary with a show at RUBA Hall.

The Sideshow returns to The Arts Parlor this Friday to once again team up with Figment Theater for the third and final first-round match of in the annual Troika Tournament. This week will feature improv from teams comprised of: Cait O'Driscoll, Ryan Barlow, and Shannon Devido; Karen Coleman, Mike Butler, and Quinton Alexander; and  Jason Grimley, Marc Reber, and Sue Jay.

ComedySportz The Blue Show returns this Friday night for the improv group's monthly visit to a magical land where there are no penalties for being dirty.

The Captain Action Comedy Show returns to the Conshohocken Cafe this Saturday with a show hosted by Sidney Gantt and Dave Terruso featuring stand-up from: John McKeever, Ben Fidler, and Mike Logan.

The Troika Tournament comes to a conclusion this Saturday at The Sideshow when the three winners from the opening rounds battle in a head-to-head-to-head final round to determine the 2013 Troika champion.

Saturday is Jerzee's Comedy Night at Jerzee’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria (2609 Mount Carmel Ave. Glenside, PA) with a show featuring: Pat Kelly, Dan Manhon, Darin Martinez, Lou Misiano, Bobby Lorello, Bryan Leichter, and Erik Whitcare.

The second Comedy is Liberty Weekend Show is this Saturday at Liberties Bar & Grill. This month's show will feature comedy from Chip Chantry, Steven Bryan, and Alison Zeidman.

Gorged! returns to The Bean Cafe this Saturday night with a free stand-up show featuring: Aaron Hertzog, Jon DelCollo, Joe Bell, Nikki Black, and Rob Zawatski.

Baltimore's Wham City Comedy Tour makes a stop in Philadelphia this Saturday at Goldilocks Gallery (723 Chestnut St., 2nd Floor). The show is described as "a two-hour cross-genre variety show, showcasing the very best from Baltimore’s award-winning artist collective and fabled party starters. Expect stand-up sets, videos, dramatic monologues, and ensemble sketches in a tightly-run, visionary performance." Philly's own The New Dreamz will also perform.

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Philly Comedy Round-up, Vol. 83

Doogie Horner has been on a tear recently writing funny content for Philebrity. Check out the comedian's most recent work in which he shares things he Overheard at the Trocadero's Screening of The Muppets Take Manhattan.

After hearing the news that Washington Nationals baseball player Bryce Harper received a "free burritos for life" card from Chipotle, Philadelphia comedian Pat Barker wrote an open letter to his favorite Mexican fast food restaurant. Then he got a response from them.

Submissions for the first annual District Improv Festival, taking place in Washington D.C. from September 26-29 are now open. Cost to submit is $15 until April 15, and $20 until the deadline of May 1.

Philly Improv Theater has announced the lineup for their first "Sweeps Week"; a week-long competition between shows vying to win a longer run at the theater.

Next week's Free Improv at Connie's Ric Rac will still be free, but will be a fundraiser for improv group Safe Weird (Rob Gentile, Andrew Stanton, Kait Thompson) for a trip to London to perform and teach improv workshops across the pond.

Here's a reminder that submissions for the F. Harold Comedy Festival are now open. This year's festival will take place from June 11 through June 16 at Studio 5 at the Walnut St. Theatre and will feature improv, sketch, stand-up, and storytelling.

Philly Improv Theater begins their two-week-run of improv, sketch, and variety comedy shows at the Shubin Theatre tomorrow night. You can see their full schedule and purchase tickets in advance online.

This Tuesday Comedy Bonfire is going down (that's the only way to properly describe it) at The Fire (412 E. Girard Ave.). The night will begin at 8:00pm with a stand-up comedy showcase hosted by Alex Grubard and featuring Mary Radzinski, Ryan Shaner, and Dave Topor. Next, the Trailer Trash Live Podcast at 9:30pm hosted by Michael Baurer and Garrett Smith featuring guests Joey Dougherty and Tommy Touhill. Finally, at 11pm the night will be capped with an open mic hosted by Lou Misiano.

The Cast of Impractical Jokers will be performing two shows Tuesday night at Helium Comedy Club at 7:30 and 9:45. Side note for comedians: Helium's Open Mic will be held on Wednesday at 8:00pm.

The Not Just Comedy Show returns to The Grape Room this Tuesday for a show featuring comedy from: Mike Renzi, Rick Juliani, Frank Gensano, Nick Kupsey, Jay West, Beirdo, and Bed Savage with musical guest Dave Marley.

Improv group Beirdo will be holding a fundraiser show at The Arts Parlor this Friday to raise money for their trip to the Chicago Improv Festival. The show will feature performances from: Alex Pearlman, The Stonewall Players, Bad James, Cake Bear, Brendan Keegan, and the Beirdos themselves.

We Can All Change returns to O'Neal's this Friday for a stand-up showcase featuring Chip Chantry, Rachel Fogletto, Bobby Lorello, and Chris Wood.

This Friday is another in the series of ComedySportz Presents shows. This week will feature improv groups Till Death Do Us Part, and Wisdom Teeth. ComedySportz presents will be followed by their monthly not-for-kids The Blue Show at 10:00pm. Tickets can be purchased online.

You can also catch Comedy Night at the Ballroom (Robinson's Ballroom - 5749 N. Broad St.) this Friday for a night of comedy from: Denny Live, Jay West, Chitta Chatta, Ryan Phillips, Big Chuck, and Moses Sadler.

Don't Be Ridiculous: a reading of comedic sketches will take place this Saturday afternoon at the West Wing of the PA Convention Center.

Kricket's Comedy Presents: Durty Comedy Night this Saturday at Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub (701 E MacDade Blvd Folsom PA). The show will feature comedy from: Chip Chantry, Dave Terruso,  Corson & Typhoon, Larry Jansen, and Chris Mas.

The Captain Action Comedy Show returns to The Conshohocken Cafe this Saturday for a night of comedy from: Rubi Nicholas, Dave Topor, and Joe Bell.

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"Our Name is a Play on the Duality of Man" - Interview with Improv Team Bed Savage

If you've been paying attention to Philly's improv scene in the last few years, by now you've probably heard of Bed Savage. Starting out as an independent team coached by Kristen Schier (The Amie & Kristen Show/The Kristen & Amie Show; Director of ZaoGao; Artistic Director of The N Crowd), they're now the house team for two shows produced by stand-up and improviser Jess Carpenter: Comedian Deconstruction and The Not Just Comedy Show. If you want to learn more about the team, their form, and recent additions Claire Halberstadt and Jeff Kremzier, read on.

WitOut: How did Bed Savage come together?

Bed Savage: A bunch of us met in PHIT classes together (Grimley 101 and Edmondson 201).  We included Dan Jaquette before he got all famous with Beirdo and Mayor Karen then retired like Jordan at the top of his game to become an adult, get married, and start a family (lame). RJ Payne was into it because he just broke up with his girlfriend, and everyone knows chicks dig comedians. Steve Klarich (retired) was into it because it was an excuse not to hang out with his girlfriend at the time. Anthony Fedele (retired) planted the seed, along with Sean Landis and Caroline Rhoads. They helped secure a great coach and consummate professional in Kristen Schier. Kristen's experience and insight as a coach made the group easy to launch.  Although some of the original cast retired/furloughed due to personal commitments, we have had the good fortune of bringing in other talented performers (Claire and Jeff). The team is now a 6-person totem pole consisting of Sean Landis, Caroline Rhoads, Nick George, R.J. Payne, Jeff Kremzier and Claire Halberstadt.

WO: You guys are the house team for both Comedian Deconstruction and The Not Just Comedy Show.  How'd you land those gigs?

BS: Jess invited us to do Comedian Deconstruction and we absolutely loved it. Then we deconstructed him for the F Harold festival last year. It was around that time Jess decided to put a ring on it, and make Bed Savage the house team. Jess was initially looking to form a house team for the Not Just Comedy Show, and asked us to fill in until he did that. We did the first show, loved it again, and Jess and Bed Savage got married for a second time! Jess Carpenter is the mastermind behind these gigs. His energy and effort to find local comedy legends and get buns in the seats make the shows work.

WO: For those shows, you deconstruct a stand-up comic's and a musician's set, respectively.  When you're not deconstructing, do you have a regular improv form that you use, like a Harold or Armando? If so, how did you choose that form, and which do you prefer—that form, or deconstructing?

BS: When we're not deconstructing we perform a Leonardo, which is a loose Armando mixed with some Harold. So that entails a monologue from one of us to start the show, then some follow-up questions on the monologue (mostly just to make fun of whoever told the story), some scenes, some games, some more scenes, some more games then a blackout.

Every one of us really likes deconstructions. It's probably because our parents never let us take apart our Legos after we'd built something. If you wasted a set on some stupid block tower, oh well, you had to live with that forever. Now we're making up for all that pent-up aggression to break things down by deconstructing amazing comedians such as Chip Chantry and Mary Radzinski. Doing the deconstructing is really fun because you have the advantage of seeing the audiences' reaction to different jokes and you have the freedom to put your own spin on the scene and incorporate the stand-ups' punchline or premise. It also allows for some great callbacks to jokes that the audience may have overlooked or didn't quite catch. Oh—and our deconstructions are not "classical" deconstructions as known by many in the improv world.

WO: Claire (of Suggestical and previously ZaoGao) is the most recent addition to the team, correct?  How was she recruited, and how has it been working with her so far? What do you think she brings to the team?

BS: We don't know how we landed Claire. We kinda fell ass-backwards into that one. It was like wait, she's into it? Really? Why?? She brings so much to the team though, like a creepy basement with a mattress in it, or huge bags of snacks that have both salty snacks like chips AND sweet snacks like chocolate, or bags of wine for us to slap. Oh, and she's an amazingly talented improviser and performer who brings energy, creativity and general awesomeness to the team.  She provides a great level of intensity onstage and really commits to each character and scene.  She brings her "A" game every night and it's fun trying to keep up with her.

Jeff Krezmier is also a recent addition to the team.  Jeff has some great characters and voices that often end up sounding like Kermit the Frog. Sometimes things get a little weird on stage.

WO: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming your name has something to do with Ben Savage. So...Can each of you describe either your favorite episode of Boy Meets World, or the influence the show/Ben Savage has had on the team or its members personally, spiritually and/or comedically?

BS: Our name is a play on the duality of man, reflecting our animalistic origins, while commenting on our addiction to materialistic comforts and predetermined departure from nature. Who the hell is Ben Savage?

But Jeff is definitely a Fred Savage fan.  He's still trying to unlock the secret of how Fred landed Winnie Cooper.

You can see Bed Savage next at 'The Not Just Comedy Show' TONIGHT at The Grape Room (105 Grape Street, Manyunk) at 8pm. Admission is $5.