A Message from the WitOut Editors

Hey everybody,

As you may have noticed, things have been a little slower at WitOut lately.  Between new, more demanding day jobs* and starting our own weekly show, Free For All*, we've unfortunately found ourselves with less and less time to devote to volunteering for the site.  At the beginning of May we began transitioning out of our roles at WitOut, and will officially be done at the end of June.  But don't worry, that doesn't mean WitOut is going away! As the site publisher, Philly Improv Theater is working to find new volunteers.

Thanks to all of you who have read, supported and contributed to the site in the years we've been a part of it. We'll miss being in touch with you all via WitOut, but we'll still be involved in the Philly comedy community in many other ways, so we'll see you around!

All the best and thanks again,
Alison Zeidman and Aaron Hertzog

*Hahahahaha you thought this was our day job? We wish.
*Yep, that's a hyperlink to more info on Free For All. (Ooh, and that's another one!) We know it's tacky, just go ahead and click it.

Site News: Top Five of 2012 Lists

The end of the year is a time for remembering. It is a time to think back on the past months and reflect on both the good and the bad times. The good times are to be cherished, and hopefully, the bad times can be learned from. On the internet this means it is a time for lists!

As you think back on what moments, shows, comedians, and bits stood out to you in 2012 in preparation to make your nominations for the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy (which open this Monday, November 12) take a moment to consider writing a Top Five of 2012 list. Your list can be about anything related to Philadelphia comedy (moments, comedians, groups, shows, quotes, #friendship moments, etc.) and will help us round up the past year in Philadelphia comedy. You can click here to check out some Top Five of 2011 lists for inspiration.

Top Five of 2012 lists will run throughout December, and are open to everyone both performer and comedy fan! So think about what you'd like to write about and send an email to contact@witout.net to pitch us your idea. We (and the entire, memory-loving Philadelphia comedy community) thank you.

Site News: Philly Comedy Guide

Our Philly Comedy Guide is an ongoing attempt at providing an up-to-date and comprehensive listing of all the comedy in Philadelphia. That includes Performers, Sketch Groups, Improv Groups, Venues, Ongoing Shows and Open Mics If you do not see your name, your group, or your show, or if the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, email us at contact@witout.net.

Also - we are striving to keep a complete list of all the comedy happening in Philly, but can't keep up without your help. Please remember to Submit Your Show (using our copy and paste guidelines) to contact@witout.net so it can be on our Comedy Calendar.

Site News: Comedy Calendar

As you already know, one of our goals here at WitOut is to keep a full calendar of all the comedy shows going on in and around Philadelphia. As you also may know, there are a lot of comedy shows going on in this city, and keeping that calendar can be quite a task.

Here's where you can help! If you are promoting an upcoming comedy show and want it to appear on our calendar, all you have to do is email your information to contact@witout.net in this easy, copy-and-paste format:

Name: The name of your show.

Description: A short description of your show, include performers, a tagline, any information you think is important, and not covered in any of the below categories.

Style: Stand-up, Sketch, Improv, Storytelling, Variety

Date: When is your show?

Time: Include a start and end time if you have one.

Admission: How much is a ticket?

Location: The venue name, and address of the location of your show.

Contact: Any links to websites, facebook events, or ticket purchasing web sites, please.


And then you can tell all your friends, "Oh, yeah, my show's listed on the venerable and highly respected website WitOut.net, so you can find all the details there. It's no big deal. They're only Philadelphia's most exciting and informative comedy blog that tracks all the best shows happening in the city." You'll be the coolest!