High Dramma Sketch Show & New Video

School’s out, but High Dramma is still in session with our first July show ever! Head on down to Fishtown, grab a drink, and check out some (literally) refreshing sketch comedy at the air-conditioned Walking Fish Theatre and enjoy the final show of High Dramma’s fourth season. In this show, we'll catch up with the old and bitter cast of DuckTales, learn some creative uses for bath salts and watch how even real life isn’t immune from the effects of Instagram.

Walking Fish Theatre
2509 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125

Thursday, July 12th 8:00pm Pay What You Want!
Friday, July 13th 8:00pm $15
Saturday, July 14th 8:00pm $15
Sunday, July 15th 5:00pm $15

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Friday: Camp Tabu's A Comedy Thing

This Friday, Camp Tabu's A Comedy Thing will feature performances from Erin Mulville, Sarah Morawczynski, Trevor Cunnion, Rachel Bensen, and Blythe Wimbush. Alejandro Morales will host and be joined by this months' cohost Ayanna Dookie. Camp Tabu is held at Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar, 200 South 12th St. Philadelphia. Doors open at 9 and the show begins after.

This Friday - Camp Tabu

With co-host Christine Meehan's move to New York, Alejandro Morales is on a search for a new partner for his monthly show Camp Tabu. Starting this Friday, Alejandro will test new co-pilots at each Camp Tabu show - in a Regis and Kelly style search for a co-host with the perfect chemistry. This week, Carolyn Busa will take the stage with Alejandro, and also close the show with a featured set. Future months' guest hosts include Erin Mulville, R. Eric Thomas, Jaime Fountaine, Hillary Rea, Val Temple, and Mary Radzinski.

As far as the rest of the night at Camp Tabu, this month's lineup features comedy from: Jim Grammond, Mollie Sperduto, Val Temple, and TJ Hurley. The format for the show has been tweaked a little, and Alejandro says to expect a bit tighter, quicker moving show - but just as much fun.

Camp Tabu is this Friday, 9:00PM at Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar (200 South 12th St. Philadelphia).

Weekend Comedy Guide

It's a busy weekend for comedy here in Philly. Here's a handy guide to all that's going on around our fair city.

Helium Comedy Club - Anjelah Johnson - Friday and Saturday, 8:00, 10:30

Johnson, known for her viral video Nail Salon, and her time as a cast member on MadTV takes the stage at Helium with her stand-up act full of characters, stories, and high energy material centering on her family and life growing up and living in Southern California. Nate Bargatze (Conan, Comedy Central) is the feature act and Aaron Hertzog is the host.

Philly Improv Theater - Friday

7:00 - Hey Everybody - Aaron Hertzog's showcase will be without it's usual host this week as he is at Helium - filling in will be Christian Alsis of The Feeko Brothers. This week's show will feature comedy from Philly's Phunniest winner Tommy Pope as well as Pete Kuempel, Ed McGonigal, and Ryan Shaner.

8:30 - The Feeko Brothers and Angel Yau - Fresh off their second consecutive Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia title, Christian Alsis and Billy Bob Thompson take the stage with a mostly new show they premiered last week at Philly Sketch Fest. Joining them at PHIT will be New York sketch comedian Angel Yau.

10:00 - The Kristen and Amie Show with Nielsen -  The improv duo comprised of Kristen Shier and Amie Roe bring their high energy, crazy character, fun filled playing to the stage at PHIT along with fun to watch indie group Nielsen.

Philly Improv Theater - Saturday

7:00 - Brick with Ebony and Ivory - New York's Magnet Theater House Team Brick comes to Philly to perform along side the duo comprised of Iron Lung members Corin Wells and Maureen Costello.

8:30 - House Team Night, King Friday and Mayor Karen - Two of PHIT's own house teams perform.

10:00 - House Team Night, Asteroid and ZaoGao - Two more PHIT house teams perform.

11:00 - Late Night Improv Jam - Improv open stage hosted by PHIT house team Fletcher.

The Laff House - Ted Carpenter - Friday (8:30, 10:45) Saturday (8:00, 10:00, 12:00)

 The veteran of Showtime at the Apollo and Russel Simmon's Def Comedy Jam performs at The Laff House on South St.

City Spotlight - Friday

8:00 - Broad Comedy - The all women comedy show kicks off the night of laughs at the Philly Shakespeare Theater. Featuring performances by Mary Radzinski, Carolyn Busa, Hillary Rae, Sarah Morawcynski, Erin Mulville, and more.

10:00 - Bing Supernova's Cavalcade of Fools - Everyone in the world's favorite comedian hosts a show packed with performances by  Roger Weaver, John Kensil, The Lucas Brothers, The Feeko Brothers, Jaykob Strange, and Alex Dingley.

City Spotlight - Saturday

CIF National College Improv Tournament - Mid Atlantic Division Regional - All day long college improv teams compete for a chance to represent Pennsylvania in the National College Improv Tournament in Chicago.


Laughs on Fairmount Showcase

Tomorrow night at 8pm at the Urban Saloon Mary Radzinski and Carolyn Busa will celebrate six months of their Monday night Laughs on Fairmount Open Mic with their first LOF Showcase. The two co-host the mic, held every week in the back room at the bar across the street from Eastern State Penitentiary and have now expanded to include a weekend showcase. The first show will feature comedians Sean Preston, Nicole Yates, Noah Goldstein, John Kensil and will be headlined by Pat House. The hosts of the show had a few words to say to encourage you to attend:

Carolyn: Hey, Mare, I'm super excited about this Saturday's six month anniversary show of Laughs on Fairmount! I really need something like this to look forward to, especially after the dentist appointment I just had.
Mary: Ginger-vitis?
Carolyn: I hate you.
Mary: No you don't.
Carolyn: Why don't you go get a spray tan?
Mary: Oh gosh, Carebear, not until Saturday morning. I want a fresh glow for the show.

The first Laughs on Fairmount Showcase will be held Saturday, September 17th at 8pm at The Urban Saloon (2120 Fairmount Ave.) Tickets are $10 at the door. More information can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

Tomorrow Night: The Ministry of Secret Jokes

Doogie Horner's monthly show returns tomorrow night for another of what was named Best Funny Night Out by Philadelphia Magazine. You can check out information at The Ministry's Website, or on the Facebook Event for tomorrow night's show, but we've decided to just post it here for your convenience.
STANDUP COMEDY: Juliet Hope Wayne, Josh Rabinowitz, Mike Rainey, and Animosity Pierre (although Animosity will be sketch, not stand-up. Or maybe they're doing an inspirational speech? Unsure.)

THE RUBY HATS OF DEATH: Chip Chantry, Pat Barker, and Daryll Charles dip their hands into the blood red hats and see what jokes they must tell. Can they survive the ordeal?!

ALSO: A man wearing a red carnation will tell you a secret joke if you tell him the correct password.

OMNIANA BATTLE: Reigning champion Brendan Kennedy battles Gregg Gethard, in a very special appearance as himself instead of a weird character, for once.

The show begins at 8:00PM at is held upstair's at Fergie's Pub, 1214 Sansom St. Philadelphia.

Tonight: The Ministry of Secret Jokes

From Doogie Horner:

The Ministry of Secret Jokes is this Wednesday, July 13th,


Where: Upstairs at Fergie's Pub, 1214 Sansom St., Philadelphia

How: Nobody knows.

Performing standup: Roger C. Snair, Luke Cunningham, Billy Bob Thompson, and David James

Special Event: Philly's Punniest Competition! Do you like puns? Of course you do! Watch as Andy Nolan, Christian Alsis, and Pat Barker take the most highly evolved form of comedy—pun making—to new heights.

Omniana Battle: Roxborough-renowned street magician Jaykob Strange battles dangerous pregnant music duo Emily and Micah McGraw.

Also: Ian David Vaflor on drums, Bazooka Joe on gums.

Less information at:

Tonight: Dollar LOL at Danger Danger Gallery

Tonight, Danger Danger Gallery  (5013 Baltimore Avenue) will play host to Dollar LOL - a "three hour night of stand-up and short plays". Hosted by Andrew Jeffrey Wright, the show will cost one dollar and feature 15-minute sets from Mike Robinson, Sidney Gantt, Malwina, Camp Woods, Will Dean, Steve Miller Miller, Brendan Kennedy, Michael Gerkovich and The New Dreamz.

Doors open at 5:30PM and the first act is set to hit the stage at 6:00.