Pizza Pals with Joe Moore featuring Thomas J. Whitaker

After a recent pizzadventure, I took a few minutes to shoot the breeze about pizza, comedy and pizza with prolific improv-ist Thomas J. Whitaker. Thomas has an affinity for acting, a knack for laughing, a quick wit, and has an emotional attachment for a movie from the 90's featuring both Ninja's and Turtles. He also used to sneak pies when his mom wasn't looking... Hell yeah Thomas!! Thomas and his fellow improvsarios in Rookie Card  are all over the place for Philly's Fringe Festival. Be sure to check the out this Friday at their Philly Fringe Festival HOUSE PARTY!

Here's the good stuff:

Pizza Pal Joe Moore: How much do you like pizza:

Thomas J. Whitaker: I love pizza! When I was a kid, my mom never let us have it because it was so fatty. But when she went out of town, my dad would grab a large pie for my brother and I.

PPJM: What is your favorite slice in Philly?

TJW: Mad Greek in West Philly.

PPJM: How often do you eat pizza?

TJW: Once a week, I will eat a large pizza in an evening.

PPJM: Are you into plain pizzas or toppings? Which toppings?

TJW: Pepperoni has always been my default, but I love black olive, mushroom, and anchovy.

PPJM: What is your favorite use of pizza in film, television or music?

TJW: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, when Mike and Don do the funeral music when they find the rotten pizza.

PPJM: Did your family have a pizza day? What day was it?

TJW: Friday, when everyone said "To hell with cooking!" or Tuesdays when mom was out of town.