NEW COLUMN from WitOut: "Necrosexual Solves Your Stupid Poser Problems"

Does life sometimes seem cold, dark and hopeless? Well, that's probably because it is.  Luckily, WitOut has someone who can help.

In addition to mastering chaos, slaying posers, dabbling in haiku poetry and being available for weddings, corporate events, motivational speaking and FUNERALS, we are proud to announce that the Necrosexual now has his very own advice column here on WitOut: "Necrosexual Solves Your Stupid Poser Problems."

Comment below with all the questions, concerns, hopes, fears and dreams you need the trve black metal warrior's guidance on. Necrosexual will answer your pitiful cries for help as he sees fit.  Kindly use this letter format:

Dear Necrosexual,




Doubt his qualifications? You're an idiot.  Necrosexual has his own YouTube channel—need we say more? Didn't think so, but here are some samples, just in case: