DuoFest 2015 Schedule Announced



DuoFest 2015 will be June 3rd through June 6th at Philly Improv Theater. Tickets for all shows and workshops are available at DuoFest.com!


7:02 p.m.
Breaking & Entering
Gaper Delay

8:02 p.m.
Diabolical Fishbank

9:02 p.m.
Something Simple with Alex and Frank

10:02 p.m.
Cat and Vegas and the Temple of Boom


7:02 p.m.
License to Krill
Midy Zevin

8:02 p.m.

9:02 p.m.
Proper Dodgy

10:02 p.m.
Sans krit
Two Gentlemen


7:02 p.m.
Breaking & Entering

8:02 p.m.
From Justin to Kelly
Virginia Jack

9:02 p.m.
baby GRAND

10:02 p.m.
Easy Action

11:02 p.m.
Forever Fifteen
The Amie & Kristen Show/ The Kristen & Amie Show


6:02 p.m.
Michael Loves Greg
Stevedore Comedy

7:02 p.m.
It’s All About Amy
Mike and Chris

8:02 p.m.
Chad Mallet
Man vs. Improv

9:02 p.m.
Two Gentlemen
baby GRAND

10:02 p.m.
Midy Zevlin

11:02 p.m.
Easy Action
Virginia Jack


Tonight: Goat Rodeo @ Philly Improv Theater

goat rodeoPhilly Improv Theater's third house sketch-team, Goat Rodeo, will be giving their final performance of "The 78th Annual Butterborough Pie Eating Contest". Formed over the summer and debuting at Fringe Festival, Goat Rodeo features some important Philly comedy names.

"The 78th Annual Butterborough Pie Eating Contest" stars Aaron Hertzog (Hate Speech Committee), Aubrie Williams (Mani-Pedi, Local Holiday Miracle), Chris McGrail (Kids with Rickets, Calletta & McGrail), Sue Taney (ComedySportz), Katlin Thompson (Mani-Pedi), Matt Lamson (N Crowd), Zach Uzupis (This Is Your Captain) and returning Goat Rodeo cast member Kristy Goldy.

The writing team consists of head-writer Christian Alsis (The Feeko Brothers), Martha Cooney (StoryUp, Hot Dish), Bill Flynn, Justin Miller, Dan Boldin and cast-members Aaron Hertzog, Chris McGrail and Aubrie Wililams.

"The 78th Annual Butterborough Pie Eating Contest" is directed by Philly sketch veteran Samantha Russel of Secret Pants, who says about the show, "The writers brought some very strong work to the table and the cast brings that work to life in the funniest way possible--I think the audiences are really enjoying it. We created a show where the sketches all take place in Butterborough County, which gives it a nice small town feel."

There's a cohesive structure to the show which Russel credits to "graphics guy" Bill Flynn. "Bill is the one responsible for making our shows one complete thought, instead of just sketches. We certainly couldn't have done this show without him."

Tickets are $10 bucks; the BYOB show starts at 9:00pm.

In the meantime, enjoy this video and get a feel of world Goat Rodeo will be rendering tonight live from Philadelphia!


The Sideshow Moves to PHIT

sideshowMike Marbach's two and a half year old improv and variety comedy showcase The Sideshow is moving from The Arts Parlor on Broad Street to the new permanent Phit location at the Adrienne Theater.

Writes Mike Marbach on his website, "Two of the reasons I started Sideshow are now no longer relevant. The first is Beirdo has scattered to the ends of the Earth with occasional (and awesome) shows. The other is that starting later in January 2014 The Philly Improv Theater will have a permanent home at the Adrienne Theater with shows 52 weeks a year! So the need for The Sideshow to fill in the gaps of PHIT weeks will no longer be there and as [Philly Improv Theater's] Education Director I didn’t want to be running a “competing” effort. So, after some talks- The Sideshow is moving to PHIT starting January 23rd!" (You can read the full article at MikeMarbach.com).

brewery comedy

Meanwhile, The Sideshow's space and time will be filled at the Arts Parlor with a new showcase called The Brewery (visit the facebook event page here).

The Brewery will be run by a local improv group called Bill Parks, which is comprised of current PHIT students (Erin Coffey, Erica Paradisi, Adam Perkins, Sofya Piro, Stacy Sanseverino, Rajiv Sharma, Adam Steiger, Sean Sullivan, Joe Tuzzi) and directed by Alex J. Gross.

Members of Bill Parks told Marbach, “Our view of the show is that it will emulate a brewery in more than name alone. Experiment, collaborate and enjoy the results. In general, the show will be similar to the Sideshow. Established comedic talents and budding new acts will take to the stage, bringing a consistently great show to the Arts Parlor twice a month.”

The first Brewery will be on Friday, January 11th at 8pm.

Sketch Comedy All Weekend @ PSF & Phit

PSFThere's a metric ass-ton of sketch comedy happening this weekend (that's the industry term). Philly SketchFest is closing with two shows each night both tonight and Saturday @ The Adrienne Theater (2030 Sansom Street). 8PM Friday -- Angel Yau, Chico, Marina & Nicco; 10pm -- Frange & Stern, Don't We Boys. 8pm Saturday -- National Scandal, ManiPedi, Brick Penguin. 10pm -- Transplants, Desperate Times, Megabuds.

Tonight at 8:30, Philly Improv Theater features The Flat Earth with their all new hour of material @ The Shubin Theater (407 Bainbridge Street). At 10:00, it's "The Theme Show", hosted by ManiPedi. Since they are working their tired, hilarious tuchuses off this weekend, let's take a look at a video by ManiPedi's own Aubrie Williams!


TV Party Tonight @ PHIT

marcia wallaceWalking into the Shubin Theatre at 10 PM last Wednesday night, I had no idea what to expect. Approaching the main stage, a welcoming gift was a beer from what looked like a microwave turned into a cooler. The crowd was lively, you could tell the “regulars” from the newcomers right when you walked in. That the people were happy and talkative added comfort to watching an hour of television with strangers.

The lights dimmed and a clever intro played instructions setting the tone for the show. Paul and Rob, the hosts of TV Party came out with positive energy that matched the upbeat crowd. It was close to Halloween, so the show of choice was the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. Paul Triggiani and Rob Baniewicz took a seat and the commentary commenced. Not only were the two hosts adding in a quick jab at Paul Lynde’s choice of words, but the occasional witty comment from an audience member would make for good laughs. The best part of the show was when the musical guest came to perform. Lynde had a good eye, so none other than KISS would be on the Halloween special. Jokes were being fired off left and right from the hosts and the guests.

The name “TV Party” could not fit more perfectly.

I asked Triggiani about the show's history. He explained that the idea around TV Party is that television was awful in the past and no one thought that it would be seen again. They were of course wrong, and now you can see a variety of hilariously awful shows dating all the way back to the 70’s twice a month at Philly Improv Theater.

I asked what some of his favorite viewings have been so far. One was a show from 1983 called Zorro and Son. The series is self-explanatory, a show about Zorro and Zorro Jr. adventuring side by side. According to Triggiani, what made this even more interesting was how hard it was to get a hold of the show. “I had to lie to the girl that ran the Zorro Fan Club and said that I started a college class and needed a copy.”

Another of his favorites included a sitcom called Heil Honey I’m Home which starred none other than Adolf Hitler. This is what TV Party is all about... bad television for good laughs.

Tonight, Triggiani and Baniewicz will pay tribute to the late Marcia Wallace, whom you may know best as the voice of Edna Krabappel on The Simpsons. In her day, she'd been all over the TV dial including the Bob Newhart Show, as well as presumably some pretty bad episodes of Hollywood Squares or whatever else the boys can dig up. Show starts tonight at 10pm @ the Shubin Theater right after Guilty Pleasures with Joe Moore. Tickets are only $5.

Philly Improv Theater Moving to New, Permanent Home


Philly Improv Theater Executive Director Greg Maughan announced publicly today that beginning in January, 2014 PHIT will call The Second Stage at The Adrienne Theater its new home. This means all PHIT shows, classes, rehearsals, and office space will be together in one location finally giving them a permanent place to call their own. The announcement comes almost three years after a Kickstarter campaign helped PHIT raise over $15,000 to find a permanent home for Philadelphia's "exploding alternative comedy scene". The move will increase PHIT's presence, giving them a stage they can produce shows on every week of the year. More information will be available soon and we plan to sit down to talk with Greg about his plans for the future of the expanding comedy theater.

Philly Improv Theater Taking Submissions for New Sketch House Team


Sketch comedy writers interested in joining Philly Improv Theater's third Sketch House Team as a part of the writing staff can submit packets from now until the deadline of Monday, May 27 to sketchsubmissions@phillyimprovtheater.com. To be considered for a spot writers should submit a packet consisting of:

  1. A brief cover letter (1-page maximum – single spaced, size 10 font) explaining what you will bring to the writing team.
  2. Three (3) different original sketches you’ve written without a writing partner. Please arrange these sketches in order with what you feel is your strongest sketch first.
  3. Three (3) additional 1-2 sentence pitches of other sketch ideas you have.

More on the team from PHIT's website:

PHIT will once again be producing an all-new sketch revue show for the 2013 FringeArts Festival. Working together during the summer months under the supervision of a Head Writer and Director a group of writers and performers will put together a 40-45 minute sketch show of entirely original material that will debut Thursday, September 5th, 2013 and run nightly through September 8th. Writers and performers will not necessarily overlap, so if you only want to create sketches and don’t want to appear on stage you’ll be able to do that. PHIT seeks only writers at this time (auditions for performers will occur later, during the summer) and encourages all submissions regardless of race, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual preference, religion, disability or age. Depending on the success of the FringeArts Festival show, the team may be given the opportunity to continue mounting further shows with support from PHIT.

More information is available on PHIT's website.

Comedy Show Round-up: May 5, 2013


PHIT Kids Presents: StoryUP! - 10:00am at Philly Improv Theater

The Deans (PHIT Instructors Show) - 8:30pm at Philly Improv Theater

Open Mics

Tight Six - 8:30pm (signups at 8:00) at Fergie's Pub, 1214 Sansom St., Philadelphia

Lickety Split - 9:30pm (signups at 9:00) at Lickety Split, 401 South St., Philadelphia

If you run a Philadelphia-area comedy show or open mic let us know so we can share it on our calendar and in our daily show round-ups by sending us the information from our submit a show page to contact@witout.net.