Seriously, Go Support Pat House's CD Taping Tonight @ Helium

pat house 2We sometimes like to have a good laugh at the expense of our favs, but Pat House is a really nice guy who loves comedy--and more importantly he's good at it. He's a staple of the Philadelphia comedy scene, so swing by the 7pm early show at Philadelphia Improv Fest and then skip right across the street at 8 to make a borderline problematic amount of noise on Pat's first album.

Then check back at WitOut tomorrow for photos from the opening night of Philly Improv Fest as well as previews of the rest of the great comedy shows happening this (and every) week in Philadelphia.

Pat House Records CD at Helium Tonight @ 8pm

Pat House
Pat with Greg Giraldo, Bill Burr and Mike Birbiglia

Tonight, Philly comedian Pat House records his first CD. Let's take a look at a career timeline from a Philly favorite.

2005 - Pat places second (2nd) in Howard Stern's "Kill or Be Killed" before the contest was bought by a Japanese cooking show.

2006 - Pat turns 22, he is the youngest comedian to host at the balloon-factory-turned-nightclub known then as Helium Comedy Emporium--or as we know it today--The United Noble Gasses Laff-Cabaret.

2007 - Pat is a phinalist in Philly's Phunniest. He will go on to phinal phour more times bephore permanently boycotting the contest upon the 2013 victory of life-long nemesis and least favorite human being, Paul Chantry.

2008 - 2012 -- no activity.

2013 - Pat opens for heroes Bill Burr, Mike Birbiglia and one-night-only necromancied Greg Giraldo--who agreed to do a final earthly show for Pat's birthday, thinking Pat was fifteen and suffering from terminal rosacea.

Presently, Pat is making up for lost time, and can be seen at clubs around the country such as
-Cap City Comedy Club (Austin, TX)
-Parlor Live (Seattle, WA)
-Helium (Philly, Buffalo, Portland)
-Respiratory Distress (Detroit)
-Hilarities (Cleveland)
-Magooby's (Baltimore)
-Jimmothy Johnlinson's Comedy Nightmare (Mechanicsburg, Louiville, Akron, Halifax)
-The Stress Factory (New Brunswick, NJ)
-Tony and Tina's Unexpected Bat Mitzvah (Philadelphia)

You can see Pat perform all of his best material tonight at Helium, and then presumably filling the remaining 39 minutes describing the sensual linguistics of the "C word".

And speaking of which, presumed-single-lady guest-host Mary "M-Rad" Radzinski (sp?) will open the show!

For tickets, visit


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Top 5 of 2012: Jim Grammond's Top Five Favorite Comedy-Related Things I Did in 2012 That May Make Me an As*hole

As the year winds down, WitOut collects lists from comedy performers and fans of their favorite moments, comedians, groups, shows, etc. from the last year in Philly comedy. Top 5 of 2012 lists will run throughout December–if you’d like to write one, pitch us your list at!

Comedians love two things: giving themselves too much credit and giving their friends and peers a hard time in the name of having fun. And they also probably love their families and other stuff. Here are my five favorite things I did in 2012 that may make me an as*hole but myself and others enjoyed:

1. Sent Mentos an email to a YouTube link with a message saying "someone's using your product to promote date rape."

Voted for myself in every category something I was involved in was nominated in for a WitOut award.

3. Conspired with other comedians to let Rob DeSantis's comment in a Twitter thread just hang after he went racial with it.

4. Having this song lyric I made up stuck in my head for a week:

We gonna fly down to
Osage Avenue.
And set the block on fire.

Asking Pat House "New Foo Fighters sweatshirt?" when he was always wearing the same Foo Fighters sweatshirt. ALWAYS.

Jim Grammond is a comedy performer and writer based in Philadelphia. He performs stand-up wherever they’ll have him, and is the host of Reasonable Discourse with Jerks, a monthly panel comedy show at Philly Improv Theater . Jim is also a writer for The Monthly Hour with James Hesky and a sketch performer with The Flat Earth.


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Do you tell your parents the same stories you tell your friends? Would you describe to your boss the intimate but hilarious details of your last sexual encounter? How would you feel if someone you admired watched you bomb on stage?

We all tailor our social interactions to the particular people we’re talking to, but performers usually can’t control who comes out to see them do their thing. Comedy often includes, and sometimes depends on, material that is personal, embarrassing, or way dirtier than anything you’d find yourself discussing around the family dinner table. So when that family shows up to support the comedian in their lives, how does it affect the person on stage?

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