LISTINGS UPDATE: Two new Philly open-mics

Czech out our open-mic listings for a new mic on Wednesdays (@ Jollie's Live 822 n. Broad St.) and a monthly Thursday mic (@ Pharmacy Coffee Gallery 18th & Wharton).

(Also, if you can find any out-of-date listings, for every closed mic you report I will personally hand you a crisp hundred dollar bill.)

open mic listings

Helium Announces New Open Mic Sign-up Procedure

An announcement on describes the comedy club's new sign-up policy for its award-winning open-mic happening every Tuesday night.

Starting March 5th, online signups will start at Noon on Wednesday, and remain open for 24 hours. There will also be an old-fashioned in-person signup on Tuesdays from 6-7 before the mic.

Proprietary algorithms on loan from U-Penn will still decide the composition of the final list (duh) but hopefully this method will give more people an opportunity to sign-up for stage-time.

I was Just Trying to Make a Poop Joke - Recap of Brand Spankin' New Open Mic No.2(#2)(Number2)

by Brandon Ryan

It being the case that a good many of the bars I've been to in Philadelphia seemed to take a kind of perverse pleasure in playing their house music at decibel levels which could joggle teeth loose from their sockets, when the legs of my barstool began to quake & trill to a bass & beat I could not readily identify the source of, I was not concerned. No, what concerned me instead was that I was to be on assignment, covering the debut of a new comedy show I was unable to locate.

"Excuse me," I hailed the bartender, "is there an open mic here tonight?"

"It's actually right below us." he replied.

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