Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 13

Is it possible to summarize The Simpsons using just ten episodes? The A.V. Club gives it a try with this article.

In Episode 10 of Modern Comedian Sean Patton takes viewers on tours of New York and Los Angeles.

Do you like Bob's Burgers? Well, now you can watch the original test pilot from 2010 for the animated show online.

The Nerdist YouTube network debuted their new web series Neil's Puppet Dreams. It's about Neil Patrick Harris and puppets!

Splitsider interviewed Chris Hardwick about comedy stuff and nerd stuff.

There's been a bit of a backlash this week after Gilda's Club, a non-profit cancer support network named in honor of the late "Saturday Night Live" comedian Gilda Radner, recently announced that several of its branches will undergo a name change to be called the Cancer Support Community.

Here's an 11-minute documentary on The Subculture of Improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Podcast Pickins with Intern Lisa


Okay, so you want to know what a podcast is, right?  Well, Webster's Dictionary defines podcasts as "a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet." Luckily for you, podcasts are not as boring as that definition, no offense Webster. Comedy podcasts are kind of like these magnificent, hilarious little jewels that are guarded by the  imperial Comedian court (i.e. Jimmy Pardo, Marc Maron, Todd Glass, etc.). Yeah, I know that sounds cheesy but comedy podcasts are so much more than Webster's simple definition. They give a personal insight into the world of comedy, everything from comedic relationships to the art of making comedy. And even if your not interested in that, some of these ridiculously funny podcasts cover everything from pop culture to snacking. Whether you love stand-up, improv, or sketch, there is something here for everyone.
So every week I've decided to spotlight a different podcast and list a few episodes that I think really showcase that podcast (or really just made me laugh so hard, the woman next to me on the train thinks I'm a crazy person).

The first podcast that I decided to showcase is one that is very near and dear to my heart. Hold for drum solo...It's the Nerdist! Now I bet your wondering "Nerdist, Why Nerdist?!" First of all, why are you being so hostile, and second because without the Nerdist I would not be sitting in this chair, in the Philly Improv Theatre Office (where I am interning), writing on this awesome website. I started listening to the Nerdist about 2 years ago, and I haven't put it down since. Chris Hardwick, the proud father of the Nerdist, hosts bi-weekly episodes that include guests such as Tina Fey, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Conan O'Brien. Usually accompanied by Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, these episodes are at times thought provoking, fascinating, and as I like to say, "make you pee" funny.  Even their guestless episodes (which they like to call hostful) are truly amazing. I've learned a lot from the Nerdist such as playing D&D is cool, 8-bit music rocks, and always ENJOY YOUR BURRITO (just listen to the Rainn Wilson episode).

My top 5 Nerdist Pickins

5.  Ana Gasteyer

Although Matt and Jonah are not in this episode, Ana Gasteyer is truly delightful! Not only does she have awesome stories about working and leaving SNL and the comedic genius that is Will Ferrell but she also dives into some really interesting topics such as improv vs. stand-up and women in comedy. This episode is really fun and super insightful.

Patton is a comedic genius. Great stories about his early days doing stand-up, the Hollywood screenplay writing process, and playing D&D with fellow comedians. This episode is full of Patton rants that are sure to make you laugh your ass off.

3. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil is not only the Director of the Hayden Planetarium and the host of his own one-hour radio talk show StarTalk, but he is one cool dude. This episode is not only educational but the conversation is fun and makes you wonder why you didn't become an astrophysicist (okay maybe not the last part). Also, what could be nerdier than science?

2. Kevin Smith 

I have listened to this episode  10+ times now and it still holds up. Amazing riffs that never get old, just the sound of Kevin Smith's voice makes me laugh. All I have to say is, Vader Pussy. Enough Said.


A guestless episode as number 1?! YES hostile reader! The first of many hostfuls, this episode covers ridiculous and inane topics such as the career of Mark Wahlberg, Danny Elfman eating a breakfast burrito, and Matt working at a funeral home.  These episodes truly show the awesomeness of the Nerdist; just three nerdy guys riffing about whatever. However beware: these episodes will make you laugh to tears.

For more Nerdist lovin' visit their website or youtube channel and subscribe!