Comedy Photos (And Fashion) From Around Philly 11/21/13

Here are some photos from recent comedy shows around town... Do you produce or perform in a show from which you can send us photos? Email them to!

Hang On 2013 - Aaron Nevins
Aaron Nevins Hosts Hang On (w/ Aaron Nevins).


Hang On 2013 - Arron Nevins & Dan Vetrano
Aaron chats with audience wrangler Dan Vetrano.


Hang On 2013 - Dude Rules
The panel lays down some Dude Rules. (L to R: Tim Butterly, Mike Alloy, Aaron Nevins, Kevin Ryan).


Hang On 2013 - Kevin Allison & Dave Hill
Aaron sits down with guests Kevin Allison and Dave Hill.

 And from Wednesday's East Coast Power Nap...

Alejandro and TJ
Alejandro Morales and TJ Hurley share the theme of the night: Christmas.
[photo by Ben Miller.]
Aaron Hertzog
Aaron Hertzog offers life-hacks for running out of pizza. 
[photo by Ben Miller]
Elise Thompson-Hohl
Elise explains how her dad got a good deal on a flight to Disneyland for the family after 9/11.
[photo by Ben Miller.]
Jim Ginty
Jim discusses the science of why butt-holes are tight.
[photo by Ben Miller]
Mike Logan
Mike Logan on how his dad doesn't need to hear about his nights out.
[Photo by Ben Miller]
Natalie Levant
Natalie Levant's search for gray hairs moves south.
[Photo by Ben Miller]
Setoiyo never had fun doing recreational drugs. (Ritalin made him actually do his homework.) 
[photo by Ben Miller]

And because we didn't have anybody reliable to take photographs last night at Free For All, Philly Comedy fashionista Joe Moore reports on what everybody was wearing:

Alison Zeidman - White and black checkered shirt, all buttons buttoned, 3/4's length sleeves, folded once just above the elbow. Black jeans. Brown moccasins with no socks.
Dave Topor - White knit hat. Grey hooded sweatshirt with 3 horizontal black stripes running from shoulder to shoulder, split by a white vertical zipper running the length of the shirt zipped approximately half way, the letters "A D I D A S" in white below a white "Adidas logo" on the left breast, a small white zippered pocket on the bottom left of the sweatshirt. Black undershirt. Blue jeans. All white sneakers.
Brian Finnell -  Grey hoodied sweatshirt unzipped, white zipper, sleeves rolled to the elbows. navy blue t-shirt with a dark blue quadrangle and a light blue quadrangle separated by a white line. Grey jeans. Black shoes, black laces, white swoosh, and white soles.
Chris Dolan - Black sweater over a white-with-thin-grey-lines dress shirt, the collar over the sweater and the cuffs over the sweater. White undershirt under the dress shirt. Off-white pants. Off-white canvas shoes with white soles and white laces.
Pat Kelly - Black button down short sleeve shirt, white t-shirt, blue jeans. Grey canvas shoes with white soles and white laces.
Sidney Gantt - Grey sweatshirt, hoodless, zipped 3/4ths of the way, sleeves rolled up tot he elbows over a purple t-shirt. Grey jeans. Grey shoes, with white soles, and white, light green, and black vertical stripes.
Ahamed Weinberg - Blue sweatshirt, faded black/grey jeans, tan canvas shoes, white souls, dark grey laces.
Tyler Rothrock - Midnight-Wine t-shirt untucked. Blue jeans with a small fleck of white paint on the left knee. Black shoes with lime green laces and white soles. Purple wrist band on the right wrist.
Alex Grubard - Dark blue buttonless Henley sweater over a black t-shirt just showing at the neck. Black jeans. Black sneakers with black laves and white soles.

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Transcript of Joe Moore's Job Interview for 'Guilty Pleasures' (This Wednesday)

Guilty Pleasures is a monthly found comedy show created by former Philly comedian and self-described silly misanthrope Brendan Kennedy, and co-hosted by beloved local comedian Roger C. Snair.  Each month, a group of comedians is assembled for dramatic readings of the worst in scripts, YouTube videos, poetry and more. Roger often also submits his own plays.

This past December, Brendan handed over the hosting reins for the show in preparation for a January move to LA. Who's the lucky dude who's taking over for Brendan? Why, it's Joe Moore, of "Pizza Pals with Joe Moore" and Dog Mountain fame!  How'd he get the job? A grueling interview process, of course! Here's a transcript of Brendan putting Joe through the ringer.


Brendan Kennedy: Are you familiar with what we do here at Guilty Pleasures?

Joe Moore: Of course! You get really talented comics from Philadelphia and have them read bizarre pieces of fiction, poetry or plays. Then, they bring it to life. It's one of the strangest things I have ever seen done on stage. It's about taking something that maybe wasn't very good and turning into something hilarious.

The show is unique in that it has sketch comedians, improvisers and stand ups all on one stage interacting. I actually saw a LOT of performers for the first time on stage at Guilty Pleasures who I may not have seen otherwise.

The X-Factor is Roger C. Snair. Roger is one of the most talented individuals in the city, and the fact that he is on the show says a lot about how remarkable the show is.

Guilty Pleasures and TV Party was the one night of comedy I knew I could bring friends who had never been exposed to Philly Comedy and they could walk away satisfied and interested in seeing more.

Brendan Kennedy: How did you hear about Guilty Pleasures?

Joe Moore: You told me about it once, probably about 2 and a half years ago. I don't remember when I first went but I haven't really missed a show since. I think once when I had a migraine, but that was it.

Brendan Kennedy: What makes you qualified to host Guilty Pleasures?

Joe Moore: I'm pretty sure there is going to be free beer there. So that makes me qualified, I think. Besides it never looked like you were doing anything too difficult up there. Just get funny people on, and stand on the side of the stage laughing. I can do that.

The real leg work is finding the crazy stuff to read, and as a guy who spends a lot of time reading crap online, I can take care of that.

I also may be completely under-qualified. But let's not get off track here. Free beer.

Brendan Kennedy: What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Joe Moore: I don't feel too guilty about many things I like. For instance, I have Ace of Base's "The Sign" in my car. I also eat a lot of pizza and chocolate. Some might say I should feel guilty about that, but I don't. All of those things are great.

I also subscribe to a monthly digest of amateur science fiction/horror authors. It feels a little weird to say that out loud. So that might be it...

Oh boy, yeah, that's it.

Brendan Kennedy: I understand you have experience working with the soon-to-be-prize-winning feature "Pizza Pals with Joe Moore." What skills from that position do you think you will be able to bring to Guilty Pleasures?

Joe Moore: "Pizza Pals" is an ongoing adventure I take with WitOut.Net where I talk to very funny people about pizza instead of comedy. Talking about pizza can reveal more about a person than where they went to school, or what their first car was or whatever.

I am excited at the prospect that I might win an award for doing it, though I haven't heard anything about that. That's not why I do it. I like comedy and I like pizza. It's also a great guise to use to just meet performers I really like.

It was through "Pizza Pals" that I first met Roger C. Snair. I've got to meet more of my heroes by talking about pizza since then.

But to answer your question, I will probably have pizza before the show.

Brendan Kennedy: Will you bring pizza to Guilty Pleasures?

Joe Moore: That's a great idea that is also an expensive idea... so maybe someday. I also don't know if I want people with their mouths full while there is funny stuff going on.

But, if someone was sitting in the audience and wanted to go in on a pizza with someone they just met who was also in the audience, I think that's a beautiful thing and ought to be encouraged.

Brendan Kennedy: What aspects of your personality do you think will mesh well with Roger C. Snair's style of working?

Joe Moore: Roger and I have eaten pizza together, taken the PATCO back to New Jersey together and talked on the phone a couple times. He's one of the nicest people I've ever met and is one of the most dynamic performers I've ever seen.

None of those are aspects of my personality. But hey, I think I'm a pretty cool dude. Roger seems to think so too, and that's good enough for me.

Brendan Kennedy: What's your five-year marketing plan for expanding the Roger C. Snair brand?

Joe Moore: I don't want to bog this interview down with all the details, but "CBS" and "RCS" share two out of 3 letters. Look into that what you want, I'm just saying...

But lets think small for now. We could start by getting some more likes on the Facebook page for the show. It's at 33 "likes," I say we can get it to 70!

Brendan Kennedy: How soon can you start? I'm trying to ditch this town.

Joe Moore: Available immediately. Thanks for your time.


The next 'Guilty Pleasures' is this Wednesday, February 6th at Philly Improv Theater @ The Shubin Theatre (407 Bainbridge Street). Show starts at 8:30PM. Tickets are $10 at the door, $8 online in advance.

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