DuoFest14: Pittsburgh's Iguanatron

Iguanatron, starring Brian Gray and Greg Gillotti out of Pittsburgh, kicked off Saturday's DuoFest blocks in fine form. It began with a discussion about the ethics and ramifications of using loaded dice in a Dungeons and Dragons game. This would eventually lead to a humorous scene where the Pope is getting a ride from someone who doesn’t get how big of a deal being the Pope is (you know, like most D&D improv segueways).


The pope scene was my favorite from Iguanatron. Its genius really came down to their talking about the perks of being a Pope--getting private tours of museums, etc.--which seem obvious in hindsight but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone actually discuss it, let alone hilariously.

“You get a private tour? You know somebody?”


The next scene had Saturday's first appearance of someone playing an animal. What kind of animal would it be, you ask? And in what context?? The answer is a rat. A pet rat named Ferdinand, and this isn’t a Disney film where rats speak good English and sound like actors. This rat, to the surprise of the audience, screeches loudly. There was laughter when we heard the first screech, but it was the kind of laughter a crowd makes when while watching a horror film--when a loud noise turns out to be nothing. Ferdinand goes on to assist his creepy owner at a job interview, with great success!

Iguanatron were great. A perfect kick-off for Saturday's shows.

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