Five facts you probably didn't know about The Legendary Wid

the widA lot of Philadelphia comedians got their start at the Wednesday-night open mic at the Laff House on South Street. For many a young Philly comic, The Legendary Wid -- long-time emcee of the Wednesday mic -- was the first face they saw.

Many continue on to "the grind" or "the trenches" where they run into Wid again, witnessing his manic yard-sale pun-a-thon at suburban clubs or fire-halls. He's induced his fair share of groans, but if you give him a chance to make you laugh, he'll always get you with something.

Here are some tidbits about Jersey native Michael Baldwin, aka The Legendary Wid, Philly's prop-savant comedian extraordinaire...

  •  The Wid started out as an antique dealer in Princeton. He would entertain customers in his store by riffing on all the merchandise. He put together a two or three minutes of material for a local gong-show, and from there he was off to the races.
  • In or about 1999, after a comedy show on South Street, Wid was attacked by skin-heads. They called him "Waldo" and he told them to fuck off. They chased him down and beat him, leaving him with a concussion which stalled his headlining career.
  •  He considers himself "somewhere between a picker and a hoarder". He has several storage-lockers filled with trinkets and baubles galore (pictured)
wid storage
One of Wid's many custom-made storage facilities.



Friday 5/16: Hang On with Aaron Nevins

Hang On poster 5-16

Hang On guest Andy Breckman wrote Eddie Murphy's White Like Me sketch on SNL.

Also, check out Brooke Van Poppelen's appearance on Craig Ferguson:

Photos from Dog Mountain / Comedy to See This Weekend

Tim Butterly opens the show with a great standup set, including a bit about how deals with annoying sports-related small-talk at work.
Tim Butterly opens the show with a great standup set, including a bit about how deals with annoying sports-related small-talk at work.
Dog Mountain (1)  2-14
Members of Dog Mountain show how there can be many different forms of "That Guy" at a party.
Dog Mountain (6)  2-14
A doctor restores a woman's hearing with a cochlear implant, only for her to find that her husband's voice and taste in music are insufferable.
Dog Mountain (5)  2-14
A public service announcement: man reads his brother's very unlikely last text message before dying in a very unlikely car accident.
Dog Mountain (4)  2-14
[Show Stealer!] Sometimes a "bad cop" can lose half his body function in a stroke and end up being even scarier.
Dog Mountain (3)  2-14
Liberal-minded man lambastes neighbor for his unconscionably bad-for-society day-jobs.
Dog Mountain (2)  2-14
Grieving parents are easily distracted by pop-culture recollections. "Who was the guy from that sitcom...."

Dog Mountain performs again tonight at PHIT, 9:00pm.


There are some rare extra comedy treats happening this weekend. In addition to many of the regular shows you can find on our calendar, here are a handful of must-see performances.


Jim Jeffries @ The Keswick Theater. 8:00pm
If you haven't seen his comedy, give yourself a quick sample on YouTube. He's like an Austrailian Doug Stanhope. He may some day go down as one of the greats.

Hang On With Aaron Nevins @ The Adrienne Playground. 8:00pm.
Outstanding panel comedy featuring very funny Philly comedians. Tonight's guests are the creators of High Maintenance--named Best Web Series by USA Today and The Guardian--and Ethan T. Berlin the creator of IFC's Bunk (who's also been a writer on Superjail and Da Ali G Show).


Davenger's Final Show @ PHIT. 9:00pm.
The former WitOut Award Winner for best new act features many of Philadelphia's best young improv talent. They're likely to sell out, so get your tickets online.

Ted Alexandro @ Helium. 7:30pm & 10:00pm.
Very funny Letterman regular. Catch him here at a small club before he starts doing theaters.

Aaron Nevins Interviews Marc Summers

Check out this hilarious interview Aaron Nevins did with Marc Summers, from a recent installment of Hang On with Aaron Nevins. Don't miss the next show Friday, February 21st at the Adrienne Theater!