Cheat Code Thursday & Friday @ Phit


It's time to put down Halo VII or Call of Duty: Camden and get some fresh air! Cheat Code will be running at Phit tonight (4/24) and tomorrow (4/25). 

Joe Gates (Interrobang) directs Matt Aukamp (The Win Show), Pat Reber (Hey, We’re Cool), Katelyn Catinella (Sketch Harold), Cynthia Casebere (Free Candy), Quinton Alexander (Warp Jawn), Peter Rambo (American Breakfast), and Chris McGrail (Alley of Nightmares) in a sketch-comedy show about all the games we grew up with and/or are currently calling out of work to obsess over.

You'll get to see Mario have his day in court, watch Chell search for love at a dinner date, and listen in on a pitch meeting for Creepy Uncle Games.

“We all play different kinds of games,” says co-writer Cynthia Casebere “so if someone writes a sketch about a Tonberry, it’s not going in the show unless the two people in the group who have never played Final Fantasy also think it’s funny."

The shows will be opened up by stand-up comedians Christian Alsis on Thursday and Tommy Touhill on Friday.

The show starts at 9:00 pm both nights. For tickets, visit