Chip Chantry Just Added to 'Always Remember with Alex and Corey' Line-up

Sad news: Dave Hill is stuck in L.A. and won't be able to headline tonight's Always Remember with Alex and Corey, hosted by Alex Pearlman and Corey Cohen. BUT, at the last minute, Philly favorite Chip Chantry has agreed to step in! The day is saved!


The show starts at 8PM at L'etage and will also feature T.j. Hurley, Ryan Shaner and The Necrosexual.  Admission was originally $10, but it's just been slashed IN HALF to $5.  You can find full deets on the 'book:

Interview with Matt Monroe of Denver, CO's 'Propaganda!' (Coming to L'etage this Sunday)

It's that age-old fairy tale: A comedy nerd leaves his hometown in pursuit of Colorado snowboardom, and winds up becoming a full-fledged comedian himself.  The nerd-turned-comic in question, Matt Monroe, is back in town this week and putting on a special Philly edition of his Denver comedy showcase Propaganda!.  He'll be bringing locals Alex Grubard, Alex Pearlman and Doogie Horner to the L'etage stage, along with Denver act Brett Hiker and NYC comics Ray DeVito and Scott Sharp.  Here's more about Matt and this Sunday's show:

WitOut: What's your comedy background, and what took you away from Philly to Denver?

Matt Monroe: I'm pretty green, I've been doing stand-up now for almost two years.  That being said, I've been a huge comedy nerd since I was 21.  Before Helium opened, I used to go to NYC a few times a year just to see shows at the Comedy Cellar, and the now-defunct Dangerfield's. I would disguise the NYC trip as taking whoever I was dating at the time "on a romantic weekend in New York," but it was really just an excuse to go see shows.

I left Philadelphia in 2009 before I ever tried stand-up, and my reasons for leaving were pretty boring.  I had been here for 27 years and never lived anywhere else. I didn't go to college, so I never even got that experience.  A lot of my friends were starting to get married, and have kids, and I had started to get into snowboarding.  So I used that as an excuse to move to a spot that is more conducive to a longer season.  I hadn't really planned on living in Denver as long as I have.  After being there for almost two years, I had already made plans to move back to Philly (I let my job know, sold my SUV and bought a smaller car to prepare for Rittenhouse parking) and then 6 weeks before I left I stumbled across the Denver comedy scene accidentally, did an open mic, and that was it.

WO: What's the comedy scene like in Colorado?

MM: It's incredible.  For such a small place there is so much stage time, and so much talent to fill it.  We have 5 clubs in a 50-mile radius, and that doesn't include improv theaters, cabarets, or other performance venues.  Just comedy clubs. We have a comedy festival (Laugh Track Comedy Festival) every summer. There are open mics every night of the week,  and there are at least a dozen comedian-run showcases that are spread throughout the month.  There is a lot of stage time, and the scene is incredibly supportive.  Not to mention Denver's Comedy Works is one of the best clubs in the country, and they are very supportive of the up-and-coming scene.

WO: Describe a typical Propaganda! show. What makes it unique?

MM: To be honest, Propaganda! is more or less a typical showcase.  What makes it unique is the venue.  The show in Denver runs monthly in a really cool room in the basement of the historic D&F clock tower.  It's a cabaret/burlesque showroom called Lannie's and it's got a really great vibe to it, and it's absolutely perfect for comedy.  We were very lucky to get that venue, and it's why I chose L'etage for the Philadelphia show, as it seems to be in that same vein.  What I try to do on a monthly basis, is have some out-of-town comedians on the show if at all possible.  We've been very fortunate to have some incredible comedians come through town and do the show including Sean Patton, Ron Funches, Kyle Kinane and Rory Scovel.

WO: What brings you back to Philly for these few weeks, and what made you decide to do an edition of Propaganda! while you're here?

MM: Family, mostly.  I try to come back a few times a year to see family and friends.  I'll be at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Fest, so I decided to schedule a couple weeks back home right afterwards since it's a pretty short drive.  I decided to put on the show because I thought it would be a good opportunity to get my family and friends together who have never seen me perform before.  I also have a couple Denver friends that have recently relocated to NYC, and thought it would be fun to have them come down and perform with me and some Philadelphia comics.

WO: What do you like/miss the most about Philly comedy?

MM: The open mic scene in Philly is a lot of fun.  I didn't get to perform much the last time I was in town, so I'm looking forward to getting out to some shows I haven't been to yet.  Also, Helium is an incredible club that I miss a lot.  I'm looking forward to checking out a show, and maybe being able to perform at the open mic.


'Propaganda!' is this Sunday, February 10th at 8pm at L'etage (6th and Bainbridge Streets). Admission is $FREE.99.


"Try to be Polite to People's Faces" - Interview with #bigshotcomic Alex Pearlman

Self-proclaimed "slowest-rising comedian in America" Alex Pearlman may not be able to call himself that for much longer—he's opening for Todd Barry at Urban Saloon this Sunday.  Here's him talking about that, and some other stuff!

WitOut: You're opening for Todd Barry this Sunday at Urban Saloon! How did that happen?

Alex Pearlman: Mainly networking and a lot of grunt work.  I like to call myself the “slowest-rising comedian in America” considering how long I’ve done this.  But the number one rule is networking.  You never know who’s booking shows or who’s doing what, so try to be polite to people’s faces, and keep your bitter tweets cryptic.

Read more

Meet Your Nominees for the 2013 WitOut Awards: Best Stand-up Bit

It's almost time for the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy!  As we get closer to the show, we'll be rolling out a series of posts to help you get more acquainted with this year's nominees. Read all about 'em, and then be sure to get your tickets for the big event on January 13th at World Cafe Live!

The nominees for Best Stand-up Bit are:

Baby Driving (Doogie Horner)

First Guy in the World/Netflix (Aaron Hertzog)

Wedding Planning (Pat Barker)

Left Handed (Dan Scully)

Tycho Brahe (Alex Pearlman)

Top 5 of 2012: Five Things I'll Never Forget from 2012 by Alex Pearlman

As the year winds down, WitOut collects lists from comedy performers and fans of their favorite moments, comedians, groups, shows, etc. from the last year in Philly comedy. Top 5 of 2012 lists will run throughout December–if you’d like to write one, pitch us your list at!

5.  Seeing Robert X perform live for the first time at Noche
I had actually seen Robert X perform on YouTube via Reddit, and then a few months later he moved to Philly.  Blew me right away.

4.  All of the new mics.
Tight Six, Accidents Will Happen, Number 2 and more have all been incredible.  Seeing new talent take the reigns and support each other has really lit up the scene.

3.  Brendan Kennedy Week
I've known Brendan for years, and now he's moving to LA.  In the first week of December he was on a bunch of shows that concluded with his roast.  It was the most fun I've ever had at a three-hour show.

2.  Noche's last mic night
I always looked forward to Noche every Tuesday.  But it was time to put that baby to bed.  And it was done with a bang.  For two years we entertained strangers there,  and I'm sad to see it go.

1.  Hosting Laughs on Fairmount
I hosted laughs on Fairmount the Monday before Valentine's Day.  The day of the mic, I didn't want to go.  But I sucked it up and did it anyway.  Around the 35th comic I decided I wasn't going to do jokes anymore and started hitting on this woman in the front row.  I've been dating her ever since.


Alex Pearlman is a local Philadelphia comedian and host of Something Witty at the Dive Bar.  The next FREE showcase there is this Friday, Dec. 21st at 9pm.  To watch him slowly die during most open mics, follow him on twitter:  @alexpearlman

Philly Comedy Round-up, Vol. 32

Signups have already begun for the second annual March Madness Comedy Competition. Comedians will compete in opening rounds held at various open mics throughout the city where audience vote will determine who moves on to the next round. To sign up, send an email with your name, phone number, email address, and how long you have been performing stand-up to

Improvisers can throw their names in the hat for the 2012 Troika tournament. Nine teams of three performers will be chosen at random to form new trios and compete to be named champion. Interested performers can send their name, contact info, and names of groups they have performed with (one interesting twist, the teams will be made of people who have never performed together before) to

City Paper's weekly comedy column LOL With It featured this interview with comedian Alex Pearlman last week. Pearlman is hosting stand-up showcase Head First at The Dive (947 E. Passyunk Ave.) this Wednesday, January 25 at 9:00PM.

The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival is rapidly approaching and Philadelphia will be sending some representatives from their stand-up and improv communities. The stand-up week (February 1-4) will feature Aaron Hertzog, Hillary Rea, Ian Fidance, Mary Radzinski, and Pete Kuempel. The improv week (February ) will feature local groups Death By Improv, King Friday, Mayor Karen, Nick & Nathan, Rookie Card, and The N Crowd.

Finally, this week marks the return of a full two-week schedule of shows at Philly Improv Theater. You can find their full schedule on the PHIT website and, as always, the shows are also listed on our calendar.