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Comedy Photos (And Fashion) From Around Philly 11/21/13

Here are some photos from recent comedy shows around town… Do you produce or perform in a show from which you can send us photos? Email them to contact@witout.net!

Hang On 2013 - Aaron Nevins

Aaron Nevins Hosts Hang On (w/ Aaron Nevins).


Hang On 2013 - Arron Nevins & Dan Vetrano

Aaron chats with audience wrangler Dan Vetrano.


Hang On 2013 - Dude Rules

The panel lays down some Dude Rules. (L to R: Tim Butterly, Mike Alloy, Aaron Nevins, Kevin Ryan).


Hang On 2013 - Kevin Allison & Dave Hill

Aaron sits down with guests Kevin Allison and Dave Hill.

 And from Wednesday’s East Coast Power Nap

Alejandro and TJ

Alejandro Morales and TJ Hurley share the theme of the night: Christmas.
[photo by Ben Miller.]

Aaron Hertzog

Aaron Hertzog offers life-hacks for running out of pizza. 
[photo by Ben Miller]

Elise Thompson-Hohl

Elise explains how her dad got a good deal on a flight to Disneyland for the family after 9/11.
[photo by Ben Miller.]

Jim Ginty

Jim discusses the science of why butt-holes are tight.
[photo by Ben Miller]

Mike Logan

Mike Logan on how his dad doesn’t need to hear about his nights out.
[Photo by Ben Miller]

Natalie Levant

Natalie Levant’s search for gray hairs moves south.
[Photo by Ben Miller]


Setoiyo never had fun doing recreational drugs. (Ritalin made him actually do his homework.) 
[photo by Ben Miller]

And because we didn’t have anybody reliable to take photographs last night at Free For All, Philly Comedy fashionista Joe Moore reports on what everybody was wearing:

Alison Zeidman – White and black checkered shirt, all buttons buttoned, 3/4’s length sleeves, folded once just above the elbow. Black jeans. Brown moccasins with no socks.
Dave Topor – White knit hat. Grey hooded sweatshirt with 3 horizontal black stripes running from shoulder to shoulder, split by a white vertical zipper running the length of the shirt zipped approximately half way, the letters “A D I D A S” in white below a white “Adidas logo” on the left breast, a small white zippered pocket on the bottom left of the sweatshirt. Black undershirt. Blue jeans. All white sneakers.
Brian Finnell –  Grey hoodied sweatshirt unzipped, white zipper, sleeves rolled to the elbows. navy blue t-shirt with a dark blue quadrangle and a light blue quadrangle separated by a white line. Grey jeans. Black shoes, black laces, white swoosh, and white soles.
Chris Dolan – Black sweater over a white-with-thin-grey-lines dress shirt, the collar over the sweater and the cuffs over the sweater. White undershirt under the dress shirt. Off-white pants. Off-white canvas shoes with white soles and white laces.
Pat Kelly – Black button down short sleeve shirt, white t-shirt, blue jeans. Grey canvas shoes with white soles and white laces.
Sidney Gantt – Grey sweatshirt, hoodless, zipped 3/4ths of the way, sleeves rolled up tot he elbows over a purple t-shirt. Grey jeans. Grey shoes, with white soles, and white, light green, and black vertical stripes.
Ahamed Weinberg – Blue sweatshirt, faded black/grey jeans, tan canvas shoes, white souls, dark grey laces.
Tyler Rothrock – Midnight-Wine t-shirt untucked. Blue jeans with a small fleck of white paint on the left knee. Black shoes with lime green laces and white soles. Purple wrist band on the right wrist.
Alex Grubard – Dark blue buttonless Henley sweater over a black t-shirt just showing at the neck. Black jeans. Black sneakers with black laves and white soles.

East Coast Power Nap Tonight @ The Trocadero

east coast power napAppearing on tonight’s East Coast Power Nap is Natalie Levant, Brian Six, Setoiyo, Elise Thompson-Hohl, Aaron Hertzog, Jim Ginty, Mike Logan and a guest appearance by Dan Vetrano. There will be an overarching sketch performed by hosts Alejandro Morales and TJ Hurley between the sets.

East Coast Power Nap is upstairs at the balcony at The Trocadero Theater (1003 Arch Street) at 8:30 (doors @ 8:00). Tickets are $5.00. To get excited for the show, check out their “Leaked Outtakes” video. The sketch imagines what you would say about your friend behind their back while you were being asked questions “off camera.”

Tweets of the Week, Vol. 27

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Promo Video for East Coast Power Nap: “Leaked Outtakes”

T.j. Hurley and Alejandro Morales are bringing East Coast Power Nap back to the Trocadero on April 3rd. But things between them have been a little rocky…

Well, that’s a shame. I really thought these two were good together. Hopefully they can work it out before the show.

If you are a Philadelphia comedy performer that produces a podcast, web series, sketch video, humor column, or any other online content let us know by emailing us at contact@witout.net so we can share it!

Interview with Crazy Carol the Kenzo Mom, Winner of the 2013 Veggie Wing Bowl Comedy Spectacular


Crazy Carol the Kenzo Mom with stand-up Carolyn Busa

If you weren’t at the 1st Annual Veggie Wing Bowl Comedy Spectacular this past Saturday, you missed one hell of an event.  In addition to a great line-up of stand-ups and excellent hosting by Hillary Rea and Thunderfoot Larry, the Veggie Wing Bowl also showcased some brand new and recently created characters that have popped up in the Philly comedy scene, like Faberge Gregg (Gregg Gethard), The Necrosexual (Jimmy Viola), Some Penn Douche (Paul Easton), Andre (Andrew Jeffrey Wright), Despiria (Rose Luardo) and Crazy Carol the Kenzo Mom (Nicole Yates), who took home the competitive-seitain-wing-eating championship belt.  Here’s Carol reflecting on her victory:

WitOut: You won the 1st Annual Veggie Wing Bowl Comedy Spectacular! How does it feel? And what are you going to do with your belt?

CCTKM: When GhostfaceHilla asked me to be in her eatin’ thing, there were two things I had to think out: 1. If my lucky pajama pants were clean and 2. If my boyfriend Frankie has weekend DUI jail that weekend because then who would watch the kids. The DHS lady says I can’t just leave them in the laundry room anymore with an electronic football game from 1981 anymore.

But it all worked out, my neighbor had time to kill before his methadone wore off and he crashed out and my lucky pajama pants were clean! The good feeling from that was nothing like the RUSH I felt when I won! It was like the day I drank 9 Arctic Splash iced teas. I couldn’t slow down!

I will be starting my parade of winning down Kensington Avenue starting Monday at 2pm (as soon as I get up) at K&A and walk down to my home at F and Allegheny where the short bus drops off my kids. From then on it is viewing by appointment.

WO: How did you train for the competition?

CCTKM: It was real easy ta train. My man Frankie has a hookup at the dollar store and I’ve been eating my weight in expired hot dogs for months. I recommend it to anyone who is attempting this. The date on that package ain’t worth shit.

WO: Would you like to comment on the efforts of your fellow competitors?

CCTKM: That Necrosexual guy needs to let me know where he gets his makeup. I like that he shows restraint with it. My competitor Some Penn Douche was a good eater, but that Thunderfoot Larry guy would have eaten me out of house and Access card if he lived with me. Ghostface Hilla really chowed down for a tiny girl. Girl got a hollow leg or some shit.  That New Dreamz couple was some big thinkin’ smart people, Channel 12 stuff. Everyone tried their best but they ain’t gettin’ a piece o’ me!

Oh, also, I wanna give a shout-out to that Fastball Pitcher guy. That’s one hot mustache that he can rub on me anytime! Rock those shorts, baby!

WO You look just stunning in the photos from the match. Who were you wearing? Do I recognize that housecoat from the Alexander McQueen show at Spring/Summer 2013 Paris Fashion Week?

CCTKM: Actually, the housecoat was from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Forman Mills. The pajama pants were my lucky ones (purchased at the big clearance sale at the Delaware Avenue Walmart). Three out of four of my kids were a result of the luckiness (the fourth one was due to a bottle of Old Crow Whiskey and a hockey strike). I always said, Lucky got me into that mess and Luckys got me through the pregnancies.

WO: What’s next for Carol the Kenzo Mom? Do you have any comedy shows or eating competitions coming up?

CCTKM: I will be participating in the Kensington 9th Annual Soft Pretzel and Arctic Splash Chow Down on Valentine’s Day. I will also be in the Taste Of America Wawa 20-Foot Hoagie Eating Contest on the 4th Of July. That’s a one-person contest, where I sneak in after they close the tent and I go to town until Carl the Burly Security dude catches me and tries to throw me out. But, every year, my lucky pajama pants save me. Well, that and my flair for lunch meat seduction. And extra mayo. ALWAYS. EXTRA. MAYO.


We were also able to grab some post-game quotes from some of Carol’s competition:

Some Penn Douche. Photo by Gretchen Schwegler.

“It was difficult losing to Carol, but you just can’t compete with someone that has that kind of focus and desperation. I congratulate her for winning the Veggie Wing Bowl championship and becoming the most accomplished person to ever come out of Temple.” — Some Penn Douche

Andre and Despiria of The New Dreamz. Photo by Gretchen Schwegler.

“Art is subjective. How do you judge an art of eating contest? I do not know. It’s like trying to judge a wet legs contest, it cannot be judged, nor should it. It is simply meant to be appreciated, like a tea cup lined with animal fur.” — Despiria

And from Alejandro Morales, who won the Mr. Wing Man 2013 competition by appearing as his more voluptuous, buxom self:


L to R: Thunderfoot Larry, Alejandro Morales, Hillary Rea. Photo by Gretchen Schwegler.

“Going into the Mr. Wing Man 2013 competition, I knew that I’d be up against the sly brilliance of Robert X, the handsomeness of Todd Shaeffer, and the sly brilliance AND handsomeness of Fastball Pitcher Bob Gutierrez.  The only way to come out on top was to do the Wingmanliest thing possible, and that thought process naturally led me to wear a dress and sing the Star Spangled Banner. Next year’s Wing Man has some pretty big shoes to fill now, especially if he’s trying to find them in a woman’s size.”


Yep, it was quite a night! See y’all there next year!

“The Name is Just Nonsense” – Interview with T.j. Hurley and Alejandro Morales of ‘East Coast Power Nap’

Two of the smileyest dudes in the Philly comedy scene—T.j. Hurley and Alejandro Morales—have joined forces to produce East Coast Power Nap, which will explode all the fuck over The Trocadero this Wednesday, January 30th. Here they are chattin’ ’bout how kickass it’s gonna be and encouraging you to drink a bunch when you go:

WitOut: I like you guys. And I like that you’ve teamed up. What made you decide to put on a show together?

T.j. Hurley: I wanted to do something with Alejandro mostly because he’s funny and he’s motivated. He and I are very different on stage, so I hope we can make an interesting duo: me as the uptight curmudgeon and him as the fun-loving rube.

Alejandro Morales: Gregg Gethard recommended T.J. to me as a guest on the monthly stand-up showcase I used to produce, and he was a big hit, so much so that I brought him back a few months later. Then, this past fall, I was sort of pitching a stand-up show around to a few venues, and T.J. approached me at Laughs on Fairmount one night about working together. It was great timing, and so far we’re working very well together. He definitely brings a clear vision to the whole enterprise, which is great because it frees me up to be a fun-loving rube.

WO: I also dig the name—though I have no idea why. “East Coast Power Nap”? What is that? Where did it come from?

TJH: The name is just nonsense. I thought it sounded catchy and exciting, but it’s just a string of words. I’m glad you like it.

AM: T.j. had this whole elaborate story about the name being based on some kind of skateboarding move, and now that he says it’s “just a string of words,” I feel kind of betrayed.

WO: How were you guys able to hook up with the Trocadero? That’s a pretty snazzy venue.

TJH: The people at the Troc have been really nice and easy to work with. A buddy of mine was a bouncer there and put me in touch with the booker. I was stoked and surprised at how easy the whole thing was. I’m really excited about the venue. The Troc is beautiful and strange and full of good memories for me.

AM: I’m not sure you can believe anything T.j. says now. IF THAT’S EVEN YOUR REAL NAME, “T.j.”

WO: The line-up for this first show (Doogie Horner, Carolyn Busa, The Necrosexual, Sidney Gantt, Joe Bell, Dan King, Lou Misiano) looks pretty fantastic. How did you go about putting it together? Do you see some sort of common element between the comedians on the show, or were these just a bunch of acts you both like individually?

TJH: I know, right? The line-up is so good. We have some things planned to make the show different and special, but it will rule just based on the comics alone. We wanted to make sure the show wasn’t a monoculture, point of view-wise and stylistically. Every comic on the show has a very different point of view and comedy style and I hope that will make for a compelling experience. Our main goal in doing this thing is to put on a funny, well-put together show.

AM: We both made nominations and then whittled it down. He and I go to a lot of local open mics, and I feel like the talent lately has just gotten really outstanding. These past couple years the stand-up scene has been growing and expanding and improving by leaps and bounds. I think together we captured a great cross-section of what makes the scene so great.

WO: This show is being billed as “ONE NIGHT ONLY.” Why??? And any chance that might change?

TJH: We want East Coast Power Nap to be the last Wednesday of every other month. If this one goes well, if we make enough money to cover our costs (and hopefully pay the comics), and if the Troc thinks it’s worth their time, we’ll totally do more. If you come to the show and like it, buy lots of beer. That’ll sweeten our chances of doing it regularly.

AM: In the sense that there’s only one show featuring this specific grouping of comics on this particular stage, it is a one-night-only engagement! But if it does go well, and the folks at the Troc are happy, we absolutely want to move forward and make East Coast Power Nap a regular thing.

…I feel like I should end on something funny. Alison, could you be a lamb and put something funny here and attribute it to me?


And then Alejandro said something else that was just HILARIOUS! The hilarity doesn’t really translate in print, though. Here’s a promo video for the show to make up for it (featuring the videography talents of Jimmy Viola and the voiceover talents of ManiPedi’s Madonna Refugia):

Go check out ‘East Coast Power Nap’ on Wednesday, January 30th at the Trocadero (1003 Arch Street) at 8pm. Tickets are $5.

Aaron Nevins – Who Called?

This new video, featured on Slacktory, was written and directed by Aaron Nevins and features appearances by: Elise Thompson-Hohl, Alejandro Morales, Dan Vetrano, Mikey Garcia, Robert X, Joe Bell, Sidney Gantt, Clay Hereth, and Chris O’Connor.

If you are a Philadelphia comedy performer that produces a podcast, web series, sketch video, humor column, or any other online content let us know by emailing us at contact@witout.net so we can share it!

Philly Comedy Round-up, Vol. 73

Remember we told you to check out the latest issue of Philadelphia Magazine for an article on Juliet Hope Wayne and the Philly comedy scene? Well, now that article is available online.

Philadelphia will have three chances to see Louis CK at the Merriam Theater (250 South Broad St.) this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Comedian Deconstruction returns to L’etage this Thursday with their annual Dirty Show. This month stand-up comedians Dave Terruso and Kricket Lee will be deconstructed by improv groups Cock Hat and Bed Savage.

This Friday Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show) will perform at The Trocadero Theater (1003 Arch St.) Tickets are available online.

The Day Drinking Americans Comedy Tour will make a stop at The Raven Lounge (1718 Sansom St.) for a show featuring John Tole and Ian Stuart with locals: Ryan ShanerJohn Nunn, and Tim Butterly.

The Sideshow returns to The Arts Parlor (1170 South Broad St.) this Friday with a show featuring stand-up comedy from Trevor Cunnion, improv from Cake Bear and Whisper, and necrosexuality from The Necrosexual.

Saturday is Durty Comedy Night at Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub (701 E Macdade Blvd Folsom, PA) with a show featuring stand-up from: Kricket Lee, Mike Rainey, Rick Mirarchi, James Hesky, John McKeever, and Mike Jansen.

Philly’s Comedy Underground comes to Circa 1212 (1212 South St.) this Saturday for a show featuring comics Mikey Garcia, Lou Misiano, Alejandro Morales, Pete Steele, and Caitlin Feeney.

This Sunday comedian Todd Barry brings his Crowdwork Tour to The Urban Saloon (2120 Fairmount Ave.) for two entire shows of riffing and bantering with the audience. The 8pm show is already sold out, but tickets are still available online for the 10pm show.

If you have any Philly comedy news worth mentioning – send it our way with an email to contact@witout.net

“Now That’s What I Call A Nineties Christmas: Singer/Songwriters!” by Jess Ross

Here’s the latest from improviser and The Flat Earth sketch team member Jess Ross. Filmed and edited by comedian Jimmy Viola; starring improvisers Kristen Schier and Maureen Costello and stand-up Alejandro Morales.

If you are a Philadelphia comedy performer that produces a podcast, web series, sketch video, humor column, or any other online content let us know by emailing us at contact@witout.net so we can share it!

Alejandro Morales interviews Mike Albo and Marga Gomez of “Mike and Marga Make Queer Comedy”

By: Alejandro Morales

Republished with permission from PhillyGayCalendar.com

It’s the day after the presidential election, and it’s snowing hard in New York City. I’m not dressed for it. After Hurricane Sandy, I honestly didn’t believe there was any weather left, but there it is. I bolt from bus to subway and navigate the red line from Penn Station to the yellow line at Times Square and make my trip downtown. Thankfully, all the trains I need to get to Union Square are up and running after the big storm, and when I climb back up to street level, Union Square seems to be in good working order too. I text Marga Gomez, who has just arrived in NYC from her home base in San Francisco, to let her know I’m close, and venture through the thick wet curtain of nor’easter in what I hope is the direction of the coffeehouse where I’m supposed to meet Marga and her fellow performer, Mike Albo.

I’m a fan of Mike Albo’s work going back several years. I’ve read the searingly funny novel he wrote with Virginia Heffernan, The Underminer: The Best Friend Who Destroys Your Life, dozens of times. He once wrote a blog post on his old website (a new one is under construction) about Jessica Simpson’s divorce and the over-fishing of ocean waters, wondering if anyone could find happiness or if we were all doomed to eat tilapia forever (I’m paraphrasing), and it affected me deeply. I observed the fallout after Albo’s freelance gig writing the Critical Shopper column for the New York Times ended too soon, and then read his fictionalized account of how it all went to pot, a Kindle novella called The JunketA Journey of Seduction, Celebrity, Swag, and Stupidity. And on November 17th, Albo, along with fellow comic Marga Gomez, who produces a showcase called “Comedy Bodega” on the west coast, are coming to Philadelphia’s Painted Bride to present “Mike and Marga Make Queer Comedy,” the latest collaboration between the two performers and longtime friends.

I duck into our agreed-upon meeting place, The Bean, a cafe a few blocks from Union Square, order a medium coffee, and shake off the cold. As the barista pours, I turn around and scan the busy-ish room for my interviewees. One bearded Mike Albo looks up from his tea and I give him a toothy smile. He startles a little, maybe. I fix up my coffee and go over to greet him. In person he radiates a certain soft spoken but confident calm. We arrange some seats in the narrow space to make room, and within a minute or two, Marga Gomez bustles into the cafe, offers a bright hello, gets a buttered bagel, sits down, and immediately offers some. Mike takes a piece and I do too. They have an easy rapport between them, with Marga’s animated energy playing yin to Mike’s low-key yang.

Alejandro: So last night’s election. Are you excited that Obama won?

Mike: Oh! That happened. Actually, I’m flummoxed that my home state of Virginia went for Obama.

Marga: Did the Albos go Democratic?

Mike: I don’t think the Albos went Democratic.

Marga: I bet you scared them Republican. Maybe they think someone Republican can help Mike.

Mike: (Laughs) They’re very conservative, very “Socialism, Obama’s a socialist, universal health care is socialism.” Even though my dad is on Medicaid.

Marga: Do you have heated dinners?

Mike: I tried when I was younger, when I was in Act Up, but it would come out in weird ways, like I would break a chair, or say “cunt” at Thanksgiving. I did. I said, “As the famous Annie Sprinkle once said, my cunt is my temple,” or something.

Alejandro: Were you worried Obama might not win?

Marga: My feeling was — I’m such a pessimist to begin with, and we can’t have nice things, and Romney was lying and changing himself so much. There was a lot of trickery. But I woke up this morning and I was like, Obama won, we’re not going to get taken to the gas chambers. And I know that sounds extreme, but it was some version of that relief. And the thing about it is, as a couple people who have to do a bunch of shows coming up, I think it’s a relief for us. We could have gotten audiences that were really depressed, and now it can be part of a celebration, so we don’t have to change our act. I’m really glad it happened for the country, but more importantly I was like, how will this affect my shows?

Mike: (Laughs) We’d have to take everything we had worked on, and change it…

Marga: … We would have to spin it, and couch it, and figure out how to make people feel better than they did when they walked in, and now we can just bring them down.

Alejandro: So I guess you didn’t agonize too much over the name of the show? You didn’t try for something clever?

Marga: Well, although it really should be “Marga and Mike…” I always feel like the more unusual name should go last. The common name is like the anchor. You know, “Mike!”

Mike: “And an exotic woman.”

Marga: It’s like, Mike and Marga “make,” that’s the clever part — Mike and Marga make… love, but instead of love, they make comedy. You understood that? You don’t think it’s clever?

Alejandro: I didn’t mean to say it’s not clever, it’s just that it’s more straightforward. You know how some people try to like, give things a name that has nothing to do with what they’re doing, because it sounds a certain way..?

Mike: We want to be clear, so people know what they’re getting.

Marga: We’re more minimalist. It feels sort of 70s. It was deliberate! We are certainly able to come up with clever titles!

Alejandro: So, the intersection of being a comic and being queer — or, the Venn Diagram of comedy and queerness, how does that look for you?

Mike: I feel like we’re the ones who can make fun of gay people.

Marga: Well, I’ve been doing this so long that that there’s no conscious plan when I do comedy. I probably have less queer content than I have in the past, but I’m also operating on no filters. The stuff I’m gonna talk about, there’s no way I’m not going to be talking about political stuff, but it’s more about the stuff that gets you in your gut. Also, I’ve just gone through a breakup, and I’m obsessed with singlehood and divorce. I feel like it’s all human stuff.

Mike: I’m going into this Philly show, like everyone there is with me, as opposed to —  I just emceed a billionaire’s birthday a couple weeks ago, and I was like, he’s a billionaire, and it was in Connecticut, there are probably a lot of Republicans. And I was onstage, and I was like, well I’m gay and you’re not, and now I’m gonna explain some things to you. It’s sort of audience by audience. With a straight audience, you can freak them out a little bit. But with the Philly show, it already feels more friendly to me.

Marga: I do a lot of shows in San Francisco, and there it’s like no big deal — gay, straight. The stuff that’s driving me is stuff about being a woman in this transvaginal era. It’s all mesh, the Venn, it’s completely integrated.

Alejandro: Let’s close with your thoughts on Philly — favorite places in the city?

Mike: The Bike Stop is a great, old-school, janky, leather gay bar. You don’t get that in New York as much.

Marga: Earl Dax took me to a strip club that was fantastic. This old lady runs it. I loved that. And the art.

Mike: And the history.

Marga: The Liberty Bell. I loved that crack.

“Mike and Marga Make Queer Comedy” will take place on Saturday, November 17th, at 8pm at The Painted Bride. For more info and to purchase tickets, go to PaintedBride.org.