PHIT Officially Moves to The Adrienne!
After years of Philly Improv Theater shows only occurring SOMETIMES... Phit is Philly's comedy-hermit-crab, filling up the second floor of the Adrienne for a calendar-expanding all-the-time theater-space which will leave our alternative comedy scene drowning in shows!

Check out their newly buffed up all-month calendar, to which, by all reports, even more regular shows will be added as 2014 unravels.

(Oh, also, last chance to vote for Sunday's WitOut Awards for Philly Comedy. [do it.])

9th Annual Philly Improv Fest Closes with Unmissable Shows This Weekend

Carousel-RareBirdShowPhif9 features heavy-hitters this weekend including shows from CityBeatz Philly, ComedySportz Philadelphia and the final show ever by legendary Philly improv trio, Rare Bird Show.

Check out the schedule, and take note of the venues--some shows will be at the Adrienne Theater (2030 Sansom Street) and some shows will be across the street at the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater, (2111 Sansom Street). Also, take special notice of the 10:00pm Saturday show, which boasts Hot Dog, L.A. visitors BillyHawk, The Amie & Kristen Show [!!], and the music-improv comedy of special guests Vox Pop.

Photos from Philly Improv Fest Tuesday

The 9th Annual Philadelphia Improv Festival kicked off yesterday with a show featuring Hell On Wheels, Bed Savage and Due Diligence. Here are some photos from the show...

Hell On Wheels

Hell On Wheels 2 - Phif13 - DM

Hell On Wheels 1 - Phif13 - DM

Due DiligenceDue Diligence 5 - Phif13 - DM

Due Diligence 4 - Phif13 - DM

Due Diligence - Phif13 - DM

Bed Savage

Bed Savage 6 - Phif13 - DM

Bed Savage 5 - Phif13 - DM

Bed Savage 4 - Phif13 - DM

Bed Savage 3 - Phif13 - DM

Bed Savage 1 - Phif13 - DM


All photos by Dave Metter.

Sketch Comedy All Weekend @ PSF & Phit

PSFThere's a metric ass-ton of sketch comedy happening this weekend (that's the industry term). Philly SketchFest is closing with two shows each night both tonight and Saturday @ The Adrienne Theater (2030 Sansom Street). 8PM Friday -- Angel Yau, Chico, Marina & Nicco; 10pm -- Frange & Stern, Don't We Boys. 8pm Saturday -- National Scandal, ManiPedi, Brick Penguin. 10pm -- Transplants, Desperate Times, Megabuds.

Tonight at 8:30, Philly Improv Theater features The Flat Earth with their all new hour of material @ The Shubin Theater (407 Bainbridge Street). At 10:00, it's "The Theme Show", hosted by ManiPedi. Since they are working their tired, hilarious tuchuses off this weekend, let's take a look at a video by ManiPedi's own Aubrie Williams!