Submit a Show

As you already know, one of our goals here at WitOut is to keep a full calendar of all the comedy shows going on in and around Philadelphia. As you also may know, there are a lot of comedy shows going on in this city, and keeping that calendar can be quite a task.

Here’s where you can help! If you are promoting an upcoming comedy show and want it to appear on our calendar, all you have to do is email your information to in this easy, copy-and-paste format:

Name: The name of your show.

Description: A short description of your show, include performers, a tagline, any information you think is important, and not covered in any of the below categories.

Category: Stand-Up, Sketch, Improv, Storytelling, Variety

Date: When is your show?

Time: Include a start and end time if you have one.

Admission: How much is a ticket?

Location: The venue name, and address of the location of your show.

Contact: Any links to websites, facebook events, or ticket purchasing web sites, please.

And then you can tell all your friends, “Oh, yeah, my show’s listed on the venerable and highly respected website, so you can find all the details there. It’s no big deal. They’re only Philadelphia’s most exciting and informative comedy blog that tracks all the best shows happening in the city.” You’ll be the coolest!