Woman Struggles With F#ck Me Eyes


by The Lost Comics

Valentines Day Dirty Dozen Midnight Show @ Helium (After Jen Kirkman)

helium valentines

Saturday night after you've wined and dined the shit out of a pretty lady, take her to the raunchy midnight show at Helium to see if she's really a keeper. If she laughs at Mike Rainey and company's vulgar jokes about filching, smegma, and whatever else these god-damned rembrandts are discussing, you know it's true love and not just an expensive 4am uber fare.

Scoop up tickets while they last, and while you're at it, check out Jen Kirkman of Drunk History fame who'll be performing Thursday through Saturday.

Win Kyle Kinane Tickets @ Underground Arts w/ Hashtag War: #NextNFLscandal

Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane performs at Underground Arts on Monday February 23rd. Tweet at us to win a pair of tix (@WitOutDotNet) with your hashtag joke: What will be the next NFL scandal? Something like "Roger Goodell sex-tape" or "Michael Sam is actually straight".

Funniest scandal, as judged by the WitOut.net intern corps, gets a free pair of tickets. We'll leave the contest open for about a week. And... GO!

The Winners of the 2015 Philly Comedy Awards

Best Standup Comedian: Chip Chantry

Best Improv Group: Sabotage

Best Sketch Comedy Group: ManiPedi

Best Improviser: Kristen Schier

Best Podcast: Stark Raven Mad

Best Live Comedy Sketch: "Salt" by ManiPedi

Best Sketch Comedy Video: Drunk History Sam & Hannah

Best Recurring Show: The Brewery

Best Storyteller: Alex Pearlman!!!

Best Short Run Show: Black Friday Comedy Marathon

Best Independent Open Mic: Honorable Mention

Special Achievement in the field of Tweeting: @BadKittenImprov

Watch The 2015 Nominees For Best Sketch Comedy Video






Watch The Flat Earth Perform @ Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival


And Now A Msg From The Prezident Of The United States


(video by Alison Zeidman)

Photos from Iron Sketch Finals this past Thursday

Iron Sketch - Bryce Remsburg
The Chairman Bryce Remsburg presents the requisite props.


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 1
The Diabolical Krampus -- Parents are like pets. (I'm more of a Mom person.)


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 2
The Diabolical Krampus - Suicide help-line is not the same as the suicide hot-line!


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 3
The Diabolical Krampus - We are NOTHING, if not Gentlemen!


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 4
The Diabolical Krampus - A pathetic real life game of clue tests the limits of gentlemanliness.


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 5 - Brian Kelly Devil
The Diabolical Krampus - THIS.


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 6 - Brian Kelly Devil 2
The Diabolical Krampus - AND this.


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus group
Members of The Diabolical Krampus take a bow.


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish
Sweetish - An underwater crime scene.


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish 2
Sweetish - Underwater police (The long arm and arm and arm... of the law!)


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish 3
Sweetish - Nothing like a clothes-line to help accomplice a murder!


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish 4
Sweetish - Mr. Clean falls for his mop and its full head of "hair".


Iron Sketch Finals Sweetish 5
Sweetish - Mrs. Clean takes umbrage to his fondness for hair.


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish 6
Sweetish - Modern reverence for the Mona Lisa.


Iron Sketch Finals Judges 2
The judges -- Paul Triggiani, Maggie Keegan, Christian Alsis & special guest Kathy O'Connel (of WXPN's Kid's Corner) render their verdict.


Iron Sketch Finals Trophies
Bryce presents the High Life laden trophies.


Iron Sketch Finals Winners Sweetish
Sweetish enjoys a narrow victory!