Write for Witout

Let’s take a moment to think about thoughts, funny ones that make you think you’re hella witty or fresh. Maybe it popped into your head when you were walking down the street or it appeared when you were unwittingly spending time with your family. Perhaps you had a moment as nihilistic clarity when you were standing in the security line at an international airport. It doesn’t matter where this silly thought happened or even what the thought was, what matters is that it made you pause within yourself. These are sparks of genuine that all of us have. But here is the thing, though these thoughts flicker like fireflies, the sparks are often fleeting. The thought flickers and dies. You get busy, the reality of the life trudges on.

Our challenge to all the comedic voices of Philly is to catch just a few of those irreverent thoughts. Write some of those thoughts down, that made you giggle to yourself. The true magic of these thoughts is that once you share them, others see the magic too. That thought takes on a life of its own, changing with every set of new eyes on it. By sharing, you contribute to your own development but also to the community’s development.

We have rewired the old Witout into a new revitalized version, renewing its mission to providing an internet platform to all you funny Philadelphia voices out there. Here at Witout, we want to make sure that this space supports the creative funny projects in all shapes and sizes. The essence of this blog is community and we need all of your twisted minds to help us reflect the Philly comedy scene as honestly as possible.

If you have funny thoughts, send them into us!

If you made a goofy video, send it our way!

If you have an irreverent rant you just need to share, we can help ya with that!

Did ya make a goofy picture? Do you think it’ll make people chuckle? We want it!

Did you make a song parody? We could be into that!

This is an open space for Philly comedians to try new things

Drop us a line at info@witout.net