Video Round-up, Vol. 2

This Week's Spotlight: Secret Pants

Well hello there! Lisa here with my weekly video round-up! This week I checked out the marvelously talented Secret Pants! Secret Pants is one of Philadelphia’s oldest and continuously active sketch comedy troupes. So I have put together three of their videos that I thought you might thoroughly enjoy!



1. Murder Knife. The incredible new knife that is definitely, absolutely, one hundred percent not for murder. Except it probably is.

[funnyordie 7b6da4e4fe]


2. The Dark Ages Faire. The newest in the Secret Pants archive! Why visit the Renaissance Faire when you re-live a time in history when life was really terrible-- the Dark Ages Faire! It's going to be off the mace and chain.

[funnyordie 2cb134bcf4]


3. Clone Baby. The world’s first human clone is a charming little guy; let’s hope he grows up to become a painter.

[funnyordie 1368b5437f]


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Video Round-up, Vol. 1

By: Lisa Galperin

This Week's Spotlight: Camp Woods

Lisa here with this week's video roundup. After searching through the Camp Woods archive, I found these three hilarious videos you might want to see!





1.  Mystery Science Andre 3000. This is perhaps the best MST3K parody out in the internets.  Can't wait to see Big Boi as Crow T. Robot.

[funnyordie db8cf12b0d]


2.  Detective Barry. The Detective Who Cums in His Pants Every Time He Hears Mariah Carey. Enough said.

[funnyordie 875a8a4ffc]


3. The Perverts. With the internet being down, two perverts try not to "lose their grip".

[funnyordie 2eb55ac23f]



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