Have you been hemming and hawing about wanting to see more comedy in the Philly?

Maybe you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you need someone to tell you what the hottest shows are; when those said cool shows are going down as well as other pertinent information. I have self-appointed myself as your Philly comedy guide. What authority do I have to tell you how to spend your hard-earned weekend nights? Well none, other than the fact that you have already read this far. You might as well succumb to my charming wit and glaze over this list of cool events I put together for that one reader out there. (Hi Mom!)

Naomi Ekperigin 8/2

On Friday night Good Good Comedy is bringing the incredibly delightful Naomi Ekperigin back to their stage. She has not only hit almost every national up and coming comic list, but also has a long list of impressive writing credentials. If you want of preview of what your in for during her show, take a minute to google her name. You will find yourself emerging from an internet hole of hilarity a day and a half later. You will spend that time effortlessly sliding through videos of Ekperigin slaying sets on Comedy Central, Seth Myers Late Night Show, and 2 Dope Queens. She has this conversational style of standup that tricks the viewer into thinking that her charisma is actually relatability. Her sharp wit feels effortless as she slams down truths without batting an eyelash. This show has all the makings of a standout night. Good Good Comedy will provide the perfect intimate experience to see this exciting comedian on the rise.


If your looking for that Friday night feeling to keep rolling into Saturday, then the Totally Awesome 80’s Drag Brunch is what you’re looking for. Combine the full service hangover food with the free drink included with your ticket and your saturday is hitting that third gear pretty quickly. Add on the amazingly talented Drag Queen to your morning and your day is kicked into overdrive. This team of fabulous Divas keep their act new and hilarious with rotating show themes. Punchline’s large venue will make you feel like you have been transported away from Philly into world where powerful women with large personalities rightfully rule the world.

Thank You, Places 8/3

Every Saturday night the Philly Improv Theater puts up my favorite damn improv show in the whole city. It may be inherant bias, based on my contection to the theater and the players, but this show blows me away every time I see it. It is the perfect introduction to the variety of skills that can be honed by the studying improv. The cast weves together an irreverant series of musical numbers and scenes based off an audience suggestion. The music floats in as the strongest member of this improv team, setting a strong sense of tone for every scene and ensuing song. The talented members of this team keep this show surprisingly fresh with hillarity. This is a sure bet as far as comedy shows go in Philly.