Meet Ryan Roe

Ryan was always interested in Comedy, but it wasn’t until a five-month internship in L.A. at the Conan O’Brien Show, that he decided that it was a career path he wanted to head down. While he was there, he got to experience the comedy scene up close and personal for the first time. He realized there that comedy was not always the glitz of performing for thousands in grand auditoriums, but rather more often than not, comedy lives in small clubs being performed in front of ten people. It felt more real that way, more obtainable.

As his internship came to an end, Ryan headed back to Philly with a comedy mission. Ryan made his first mark on the Philly comedy scene during an open mic in the basement of a West Philly restaurant called La Casa de tu Madre. He got one solid minute of laughs out of a five-minute set, which was enough for him to get hooked.

He was lucky enough to befriend Al Smith, a man who organized corporate and fundraising events at the Comedy Cabaret, one night. Smith encouraged Ryan to keep pushing and helped build the momentum of gigs.

Ryan’s set is self-professed to be pg-13. In other words, it’s pretty darn clean. He believes that this actually helps to build his writing skills. It forces him to be clever if the option of saying something crude or vulgar for a cheap laugh is taken away. Ryan said that “Even if I did do a bluer style comedy it wouldn’t be him.” Ryan’s humor is rooted in childlike silliness.

He’s not coming up with all of this silliness by himself though. Ryan works with a writing partner. It’s easier to see if something is actually funny once it is said out loud to another person. Ryan and his writing partner Tim Merkel know that comedy is all about finding faster and funnier ways of saying something. Reviewing bits with a partner helps build confidence in the performance. This partnership works two ways, both reviewing and editing each other’s work.


Oddly Specific Question Section

Q: What is your spirit animal?

A: Probably an otter. I love Otters, I feel like they don’t care about much. They just lie on their backs and hold hands.


Q: What was the last costume you wore?

A: The last costume I wore was for a sketch show, I wore a onesie pajama outfit. We were doing a sketch about a sleepover in the office.


Q: What body part would you not mind losing?

A: I would not mind losing my toes.


Q: Do you consider cereal to be soup?

A: No


Q: If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?

A: Probably cats. Cats are defiantly rude.


Q: All people fall into two categories Gremlins and Trolls, which are you?

A: Gremlins are most soft and sweet, so ya I would say I’m a Gremlin. I mean what happens before Gremlins, you feed them and then they become Gremlins. So I take it back I’m like the Furby that came before the Gremlin

(The interviewer was not satisfied with the answer to what seemed to be a straightforward question)


Q: If your life were a video game, what would be some of the cheat codes?

A: I guess just bike lanes everywhere.