Another late night edition! I don’t got much for the stream of consciousness portion of this newsletter today, which is truly the most newslettery part of this newsletter. I read some article about how newsletters are bullshit, but like… on a medium page which is just a newsletter with a web address? There was a while where Medium felt like it gave writing validity because it had a nice presentation but it was basically just Tumblr.

Oh shit, I have something. YEARS ago I was trying to get better at music writing so I spent like $30 on getting a website name and put work into designing everything and it was for my writing. It was a music blog cause I liked writing about the music. It was dumb, but it was mine, thinkpieces and trendpieces of ideas I had that I was trying to feel out and possibly send out as a clip when applying for writing jobs. Someone I was around at the time had wormed their way into the ears of people closer to me about how it was unclear what I was going for and that I wasn’t going to find success doing that. It wasn’t clear if I was trying to be funny or smart, and it wasn’t good enough at either of those.* This bummed me out and I felt like an idiot working for it, sharing it out, because this person that was in my everyday life would be like interrogating me about it because they’d heard it wasn’t “enough” to find any success.

*I was aiming to emulate the voices of my fav web publications — Yr A.V. Clubs, Vultures, Kotakus, Stereogums, etc.


Not everything has to be “enough.” You’re allowed to put your time and energy into experiences, drafts, and things that don’t work. If you break yourself trying to make everything be the “thing” you’ll burn yourself out. Just do stuff because it makes you smile — and if yr friends is doing a creative thing that isn’t hurting anyone or like wasting space, let ’em do it! Nothing hurts worse than hearing someone you value to tell you yr idea is bullshit. Give critique and feedback when welcomed to do so, but like, be considerate that it’s okay for people to try stuff out. IDK, I still think about that blog sometimes and wish I’d kept up with it, just so I could have something that was silly and mine that I could share with my friends. It’s okay for things to just be for your friends sometimes. It was named “Custom Scenes” after one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. And now I have this newsletter. Thank you for reading it.

Sketch Stuff This Week


Overbooked: Summertime Edition @ PHIT / Thursday @ 7 — A bunch of yucksters takin’ the piss outta the summer. It’s not the heat, it’s the humility!!!!

All Nite Deli @ PHIT / Fri & Sat @ 9 — Fuck, y’all. This show is so g-d good and has, honestly, maybe the pinnacle of musical sketch interludes EVER? It is now a crime to used funny songs other people made as interstitials because y’all should strive to emulate what is done here. You’ll have “Disco Daddy” stuck in yr head all week — AND THAT’S JUST HOW GOOD THE INTERSTITIALS ARE, just image how quality these sketches are!

Sketchworks w/ it’s the new @ PHIT / Friday @ 11 — Come hang with it’s the new and enjoy some sketch stylings from They & Them and The Right Hands and perhaps a special guest or two???

Sensitivity Training @ Good Good / Saturday @ 8:30 – Whenever Good Good gives people a platform to go high-concept it’s usually a full-on Chef’s Kiss, such as the case will likely be for Caitlin Feeny’s Sensitivity Training. Definitely crassy, and maybe a lil’ brassy?



Remember when I was saying earlier in this newsletter that Good Good is a perfect showcase for high-concept bonkers ideas? The kinds of ideas that are just as funny when telling someone at a bar that you did the thing as actually doing the thing? Five Dollar Comedy Week is the root and the pinnacle of that. I’ve been a part of a few FDCW productions and they’ve all been incredibly memorable and some of my most rewarding projects. Learn more about pitching your idea here!

Sink Or Sketch 1st Thursdays @ 7 @ PHIT- A King-of-the-Hill style competition where two randomly assembled teams go head-to-head. The audience decides who wins, and the winning team does another show the next month. If you’ve been writing on your own and you want a team to work with, this show fills that purpose! If you’ve done it once and lost but wanna try out a new team, sign-up! If you are interested in getting directing experience, this is also a great avenue for doing that! First Thursdays of each month at 7:00 p.m.! Sign-Up by clicking this link. WE’RE TAKIN’ A LIL BREAK OR SKETCH FOR JULY SO THE NEXT SHOW IS IN AUGUST.

Monologues! 2nd Thursdays @ 7 @ PHIT – Dru Kramcsak collects a half-hour’s worth of local performers to deliver a variety of one-person sketches! Second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.!  Express interest at this link here!

[Yet To Be Named Show You Produce] @ PHIT – If you have an idea for a sketch/variety show that you’d like to do at PHIT, they have an open show pitch on their website. We’re ESPECIALLY lookin’ for more variety-type shows, and if YOU wanna host a sketch showcase of some kind or you have interest on helping produce shows like Next Slide, Please or Overbooked, please, god, let me know!

A Recommendation

It brings me no pride to say this, but if you’re trying to write sketches about youth culture or new trends, you’re going to have to download TikTok. I know I know, it’s not ideal, but I downloaded the app on a whim and now it feels like every time I idly scroll through it I find one of three things.

1.) An inventive use of combining image/video/sound to communicate something, particularly outside of my own experience.
2.) Something that’s just straight-up funny, like a clever lil’ skit some high schooler made. Man, it’s frustrating to see literal children be funnier than a great deal of the adults I meet who put no effort into being inventive with their presentation or delivery of a joke.
3.) Something so off-the-wall bonkers that I’m immediately inspired to spin it into a joke/sketch/bit/something.

Hell, this app even has it’s own DRAMA that you can use to inspire yr longform narrative writing! Fucking ask me about the rise and fall of the Strawberry Milk Gang and I will regale you with the weirdest look I’ve had into Gen Z yet. Younger generations are always easy targets, but people can smell bad faith bullshit from a mile away when mocking younger gens, the same way millennials roll their eyes at the 500th iteration of any “stop looking at yr phones!” joke. You must become the youth so you can fully mock the youth.

I Am Proud To Have Presented This Newsletter About Sketch Comedy In Philadelphia, Are You Proud To Have Been Presented This Newsletter About Sketch Comedy In Philadelphia? I Will Now End The Newsletter With My Catchy And Signature Sign-Off: Long Live This Beautiful Stage Poetry, This Delightful Culmination Of The Mediums — A Classic Gesamtkunstwerk If Ever There Was One — That We Call Sketch Comedy, Or ‘Skits’ If Yer Godless. Death To Chandler From The Hit NBC Sitcom Friends as played by the coward Matthew Perry — who would later go on to play Gubernatorial candidate Mike Kristeva on The Good Wife And Later Reprise His Role On The Good Fight, Available On CBS All Access. And Everything In Between Of Those Two? Welp, My Compatriots — my dearest of companions, I’ll Have Y’all Know That That’s Just A Little Wild Little Thing That I Like To Call Livin’, Pard’ner! If You Don’t Call It That, Well That’s Your Prerogative Or Perhaps You Got Another Word In Another Language That Can Better Express The Specificity Of The Experience, Kinda Like “Schadenfruede” Or “Shouganai”, But I Would Say But For The Sake Of This Particular Conversation, Which Is Admittedly One-Sided By Nature, Let’s Call It Livin’. The Day-To-Day WhatNottery Of It All That Goes By While Yer Sippin’ On That KeroKero Cola as the TikTok of the Click-Clock goes by. We All Gotta Get Up Get Out, Like That Movie? And Get Goin’ For Something When The Rooster Releases Its Morning Cry, Truth Be Told. Whether It’s The Sunrise Or The SunSKETCH, Ain’t That Somethin’ You Find To Be True Even In This Day And Age? I Know I Sure Do, Friendo. And I DO Consider Ya A Friendo, Friendo. Well, I’ll Be In Tarnations — This Ol’ Frontier Isn’t Gonna Sow Its Own Seeds, Ain’t Ya Heard? There’s Gold Out West, But There’s Love In This Soil. After all’s, someone’s gotta make this land into something ‘fore the state gets to it, else we find ourselves one dust short of a hundred dogs. Say that prayer with me now before ya go —”I’ve done sketch, and Jesus loves me.” Well now, Giddyup And GiddyOnOuttaHere! #GoodWifeGoodLife 

– Jack