ppt2015Local website ChipChantry.com is running a March-Madness-style tournament bracket featuring, ostensibly, all the best things in life.

You can print out copies of Chip’s bracket and gamble with the folks in your office! (It’s parody, people, not satire! There’s nothing wrong with gambling on the hopes and dreams of our finest institutions’ athletic programs. Especially because we’re in the middle of a long stretch of f*cking nothing between the holidays and summer.)

Will Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” beat out dash-cam footage? Will flight attendants who rap the safety announcements defeat old west barbers who were also dentists? (I think NOT!)

Round One is done, you can view it here. Our feelings are that the left side is the significantly stronger conference. With such elite competitors like a beard of bees, the Doppler effect, naps, and sheds we’re expecting the real super bowl to be a stunning semi-final matchup between any two of these left-side juggernauts. (Editor’s note: Let’s Go Sheds!)