The Winners of the 2015 Philly Comedy Awards

Best Standup Comedian: Chip Chantry

Best Improv Group: Sabotage

Best Sketch Comedy Group: ManiPedi

Best Improviser: Kristen Schier

Best Podcast: Stark Raven Mad

Best Live Comedy Sketch: "Salt" by ManiPedi

Best Sketch Comedy Video: Drunk History Sam & Hannah

Best Recurring Show: The Brewery

Best Storyteller: Alex Pearlman!!!

Best Short Run Show: Black Friday Comedy Marathon

Best Independent Open Mic: Honorable Mention

Special Achievement in the field of Tweeting: @BadKittenImprov

Watch The 2015 Nominees For Best Sketch Comedy Video

Watch The Flat Earth Perform @ Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival

And Now A Msg From The Prezident Of The United States

(video by Alison Zeidman)

Photos from Iron Sketch Finals this past Thursday

Iron Sketch - Bryce Remsburg
The Chairman Bryce Remsburg presents the requisite props.


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 1
The Diabolical Krampus -- Parents are like pets. (I'm more of a Mom person.)


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 2
The Diabolical Krampus - Suicide help-line is not the same as the suicide hot-line!


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 3
The Diabolical Krampus - We are NOTHING, if not Gentlemen!


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 4
The Diabolical Krampus - A pathetic real life game of clue tests the limits of gentlemanliness.


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 5 - Brian Kelly Devil
The Diabolical Krampus - THIS.


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus 6 - Brian Kelly Devil 2
The Diabolical Krampus - AND this.


Iron Sketch - The Diabolical Krampus group
Members of The Diabolical Krampus take a bow.


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish
Sweetish - An underwater crime scene.


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish 2
Sweetish - Underwater police (The long arm and arm and arm... of the law!)


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish 3
Sweetish - Nothing like a clothes-line to help accomplice a murder!


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish 4
Sweetish - Mr. Clean falls for his mop and its full head of "hair".


Iron Sketch Finals Sweetish 5
Sweetish - Mrs. Clean takes umbrage to his fondness for hair.


Iron Sketch Finals - Sweetish 6
Sweetish - Modern reverence for the Mona Lisa.


Iron Sketch Finals Judges 2
The judges -- Paul Triggiani, Maggie Keegan, Christian Alsis & special guest Kathy O'Connel (of WXPN's Kid's Corner) render their verdict.


Iron Sketch Finals Trophies
Bryce presents the High Life laden trophies.


Iron Sketch Finals Winners Sweetish
Sweetish enjoys a narrow victory!