Secret Pants and friends packed it in upstairs at Johnny Brenda’s for their fifth annual holiday variety special. [click to enlarge]

Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Chip Chantry
Host Chip Chantry as The Angel Gabriel
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Incredible Shrinking Matt and Jacquie
The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie contemplate the existential quiet of snowfall.
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Legendary Wid
Wid lays down a manic pun assault.
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Wid and Kensil
John Kensil punches his way offstage through an avalanche of The Legendary Wid’s props.
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Not For Nuthin
Tim Butterly and Mike Rainey of the Not For Nuthin’ Podcast apologize to an audience member for accidentally pegging him with a beer.
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Reggie Bugmucner
Reggie Bugmuncher performs freaky side-show oddities.
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Secret Pants 1
Brian Kelly (Dad) tells Samantha Russel (Son) that not eating you’re greens puts you on Santa’s naughty list. And Santa will definitely chop your dick off!
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Secret Pants 2
Bryce Remsburg as record producer getting a live horse to lay down tracks for holiday classics.
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Secret Pants 3
Paul Triggiani as a pissed off priest berating the packed Christmas congregation for their lack of attendance throughout the year.
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Secret Pants 4
Brian Craig’s mummer argues about whether or not festive racism is a crucial part of the Mummers’ tradition.
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Secret Pants 5
The Island of Misfit Toys!
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Secret Pants 6
The pink pumpkin doesn’t quite fit in with the other mis-fits…
Cuban Tinsel Crisis - Secret Pants 8
…but he’s gonna have to fake it to save his life.