Joe Sib

WitOut: How and why did you get into comedy?

Joe Sib: I got into comedy via spoken word. I wrote a spoken word show called California Calling that I performed for about two years all over the United States. It was about how one day of my life put me on the path I’d follow for the next 30 years. I know that sounds heavy — it isn’t.

Doing that show for two years got me into standup because I performed the show at the Hollywood Improv, the Largo in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Punchline. I just loved the vibe of those rooms and it made me want to get into stand-up.

WitOut: How would you describe your style as a comedian? 

Joe Sib – I’m a storyteller. At first, I shied away from that and tried to write jokes. It didn’t work. At one point, I just started talking about what’s going on with me in my life right now. I’m a dad, a husband and just trying to figure it out one day at a time. In that process, there are some pretty funny stories. It’s my first time doing any of those things so there’s a ton of room for error and that’s where the comedy comes from.

As far as influence goes, I come from a different perspective because my whole background has been in music for 30 years. I was either a singer in a band, managing a band, putting records out, signing bands, etc. My whole life has been around musicians so my approach to comedy is directly influenced by that.

WitOut: What’s your writing process like?

Joe Sib: My process for writing is this. I get up in the morning, drink 2 cups of coffee (maybe 3– depends on where I’m at that day) and then I go for a 3-4 mile run. Mostly 3. While I’m running, I’m totally jacked up on caffeine and I start thinking of bits and ideas. It’s almost like the combination of the caffeine and the adrenaline is the perfect storm for me to come up with my material. I’m constantly stopping my runs to write down ideas. If you saw me, you’d wonder what’s up with the crazy guy who keeps stoping to scribble in this tiny notebook!

WitOut: What is it about stand-up that draws you to it?

Joe Sib: I just love being on stage! I love a good show. I love seeing the people walk into the venue, hearing the music they’re playing, talking to the other comics, etc. I feel really honored that I’m able to jump up on the stage at this point in my life. I’m not some young 22 year old – I’m a middle aged man. I’m just so grateful that I can entertain people in some capacity and it feels like they’re enjoying it!

WitOut: Do you have any bad experiences doing comedy that you can share? A particularly bad bombing or even an entire show gone haywire?

Joe Sib: Which one do you wanna hear? The time I bombed in Portland, OR and it ended up in a print review the week after? Or the time I bombed in San Francisco, CA and then 300 people walked past me after the set and none of them could even make eye contact with me because it was so bad? I made an awkward situation even more awkward as I stood by the door trying to inflate my ego as they walked by. But the good shows outweigh the bad at this point, thankfully. It’s never as bad as I think it is.

WitOut: Do you have any personal goals for the future as you continue to perform comedy?

Joe Sib: My goals are realistic. I want to continue writing, touring and of course, become the best comedian that I possibly can. Coming from a musical background, my main goal is to be perceived as a comedian who can entertain people but at the same time, has something real to say.

WitOut: Tell us everything we need to know about the Nov 5th show!

Joe Sib: The thing that’s crazy about the show at MilkBoy on November 5 is that it’s a true homecoming for me. I was actually born in Philadelphia but have never spent any of my life there! All of my mom’s family still lives there so there will be a ton of Italian slash red-headed Irish people there. To top it off, I’m doing the show with my best friend, Jesse Malin. He was the best man at my wedding, we’ve been so many adventures and tours together. He’ll be playing music and telling some stories while I do some standup. It’s gonna be a great night!


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