mike rainey

Visit the blog Terrible Dad to enjoy the parental ravings of Philly comedian Mike Rainey (The Tonight Show). Enjoy such blog titles as, We Definitely Had One Kid Too Many, “Trying To Narrow Down Which Kid Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old”, and “I Hate That I Love Our Minivan”.

On the latest post, Rainey discusses 5 Dreadful Conversations You Must Have With Your Kids.

Listen, we all know some actual terrible dads. And it seems like Rainey (from Delaware County, for whatever that’s worth) is at least trying his best. Rainey readily embraces his failures and tiny successes for all to enjoy.

“Virtually every day, I make a parenting decision that could easily be the catalyst for a career in porn for my children when they become adults,” says Rainey in a post title Pretending to Sleep to Avoid Spending Time With My Kids.

True enough.

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