The funny folks on PHIT’s Sketch House-Teams Dog Mountain and The Flat Earth delighted last night with their weird-ass sketches.

First let’s take a look at the Dog Mountain show entitled, “Gory Hole”.

[click to enlarge]

Dog Mountain - Gory Hole
In the show’s titular sketch, a young man contemplates whether the “Gory Hole” is simply mis-spelled or a brutal torture device.
Dog Mountain - Hitler Time Machine
Their take on the classic “Hitler Time Machine”. If Hitler’s parents are too protective to get a clean murder of young Adolph, maybe some words-of-encouragement will set history straight?
Dog Mountain - Restaurant Friend
That friend who takes it personally when you find his restaurant recommendations to be only “pretty good”.
Dog mountain - Rhonda the Mooch
The hysterically funny Brianna Kelly plays Rhonda the Mooch, a Wiigesque office employee who always shows up with another department is having cake.
Dog Mountain - Birthday Flair
The worst happy birthday restaurant-singers of all time explain melodically how he’s not the real dad.
Dog Mountain - Married to Metallica
It’s not that he’s a thirty-year-old-virgin. He’s just faithfully married to Metallica.

The Flat Earth presents “Scrambled Porn”

Flat Earth - Orange ya glad
Orange ya glad I didn’t say banana?
Flat Earth - Cybersexing Parents
These parents’ toast at their daughter’s wedding reveals too much information. For example: how they met on Yahoo cyber-sex chat-room.
Flat Earth - Staples Journal 1
These strangers on a bench can hear each others’ thoughts as long as it’s being written into the journal they bough from Staples.
Flat Earth - Staples Journal 2
(This guy has the same journal too. By the way, Staples has a lot of great stuff!)
Flat Earth - Existential Sock Models
Existentially distraught sock-models share their life woes in-between takes. (Kudos to Matt Schmid for this nearly show-stealing sketch.)
Flat Earth - Small Town Airport
In a small-town airport, they simply have a more personal touch…

[Coming soon… An important and insanely funny video — Joe Moore’s Best Day Ever….]