Independent variety comedy show Hey We’re Cool hosted a Twitter friendship campaign, played video games and got a rousing game of D&D going at L’Etage this past Thursday night.

All photos by Cynthia Marie except where noted.

01 - HWC Games
Hosts Matt Aukamp and Pat Reber.
02 - HWC Games
Alex Pearlman adheres messages on hosts.
07 - HWC Games
Matt Schmid as disorganized Batman.
08 - HWC Games
Matt Schmid shows Adam and Eve hiding from God.
10 - HWC Games
Local commedians play D&D.
14 - HWC Games
Audience volunteers play Street Fighter II blind, using only audience yelling for guidance.
15 - HWC Games
Host Pat Reber as human message-board. | photo Peter Rambo
11 - HWC Games
Dungeon Master Josh Yarnall explains the game.
12 - HWC Games
Dan Ventrano, Chelsea Zoladz and Tommy Touhill come up with characters.
Kev Ketner "paints" Pat Reber like one of his french girls.
Kev Ketner prepares to paint Pat Reber like one of his french girls. | photo Peter Rambo
13 - HWC Games
D&D could go on all night if you let it get out of hand…

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