DuoFest14 - Tomily Comedy from Boston

Tomily Comedy were the second pair of out-of-towners on Saturday. The duo consists of Thomas Towell and Emily Holland out of Boston. The biggest, funniest scene they performed--to be called back later--involved two people who meet on Megabus.

DuoFest14 - Tomily Comedy 1

What started as a chance meeting turns out to be fate. Emily’s character who is, for lack of a better word, outspoken... announces her love to Thomas and then makes a point to get the attention of everyone on the bus to inform them of it. She thinks this a match made in heaven and invites him to her grandmother’s funeral. She also believes they should make a baby right then and there. (She also announces this to everyone else on Megabus.)

DuoFest14 - Tomily Comedy 2

The other scene I wanted to touch on, I call "the party-planning scene". A daughter was telling was her father what she wanted for her quinceanera. It involved a stripper cake, a stripper, and, of course, a pony. She wanted the pony in the cake and she wanted the stripper to jump out of the cake, riding the pony.

DuoFest14 - Tomily Comedy 2

She also wanted (and this destroyed me) for Ace Ventura to be playing, but on mute and she wanted two men to come in and dub the movie themselves. I don’t think I could overstate this enough. The scenes were good, but what made them great were the performances. Thomas and Emily had the timing and delivery down to a T. There was never a moment where I thought they were trying to think of the next thing, which allowed everything to feel a bit more real.

DuoFest14 - Tomily Comedy 2

Tomily Comedy was a great addition to Duofest! Visit back for more DuoFest reviews as they come in!

DuoFest14: Pittsburgh's Iguanatron

Iguanatron, starring Brian Gray and Greg Gillotti out of Pittsburgh, kicked off Saturday's DuoFest blocks in fine form. It began with a discussion about the ethics and ramifications of using loaded dice in a Dungeons and Dragons game. This would eventually lead to a humorous scene where the Pope is getting a ride from someone who doesn’t get how big of a deal being the Pope is (you know, like most D&D improv segueways).


The pope scene was my favorite from Iguanatron. Its genius really came down to their talking about the perks of being a Pope--getting private tours of museums, etc.--which seem obvious in hindsight but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone actually discuss it, let alone hilariously.

“You get a private tour? You know somebody?”


The next scene had Saturday's first appearance of someone playing an animal. What kind of animal would it be, you ask? And in what context?? The answer is a rat. A pet rat named Ferdinand, and this isn’t a Disney film where rats speak good English and sound like actors. This rat, to the surprise of the audience, screeches loudly. There was laughter when we heard the first screech, but it was the kind of laughter a crowd makes when while watching a horror film--when a loud noise turns out to be nothing. Ferdinand goes on to assist his creepy owner at a job interview, with great success!

Iguanatron were great. A perfect kick-off for Saturday's shows.

Check back throughout the week for more DuoFest reviews as they come in.

DuoFest: Hawk and Wayne

The American Stage Theater Company in St. Petersburg, Florida sent Gavin Hawk and Ricky Wayne to Philly for DuoFest on Thursday night.

DuoFest14 - Hawk and Wayne 2

Their work-place suggestions yielded a scene in an attorney's office and one in a work-from-home sales position. The very funny law-office scene switched back and forth in "upper-hand" position between the lawyer and jail-bound client. It culminated in the public defender offering the falling-apart criminal a state-sanctioned bro-hug, with optional shushing (pictured).

At the risk of offending snobbier Hawk and Wayne fans, there seems to be a "catchphrase" energy to their improvised interactions. But this aint "git 'er done", it's more about their ability to find the right sub-topics and the right groove, and then escalate. They utilize repetition, emphasis and verbalized attack-and-retreat to comedic effect like linguistic swordsmen. This isn't to say they are uncomfortable with negative space. They're not overly wordy or unnecessarily verbose; they pick their moments to dig into each other's characters with prodding interrogations or tirade mini-monologues, much to the delight of an improv audience which may or may not have more of a background in pensive circumspection than calculated brashness.

DuoFest14 - Hawk and Wayne 3

Their second scene, about two brothers working from home, contained a rant which got the audience roaring. I'll butcher it for you but something to the effect of: the quieter brother says to the louder brother with frank honesty, "I always knew you'd go to a good jerk-off highschool, become president of the jerk-off student council, editor of the jerk-off school newspaper and graduate with a 4.0 as jerk-off valedictorian... maybe go to a jerk-off university, graduate, join a jerk-off firm and make partner...". Of course you had to be there, but it was reminiscent of the energy captured in the classic Upright Citizen's Brigade sketch, "Ass Pennies".


Stay tuned for more reviews from DuoFest 2014 as they pour in throughout the week!

DUOFEST: L.A.'s Ranger Danger & The Danger Ranger


Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger 1


Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger are from Los Angeles and consist of Luis Cortes and Drew Coolidge. These partners of ten years are laser-sharp storytellers with a muscle for punch-lines that amazingly manages not to cripple their professional-grade plot and character development under the weight of their comedic chops.

In front of a packed house on Friday night, they took the suggestions "subway" and "basement" and weaved a should-be humdrum tale of two guys trapped in the basement of a subway restaurant which had us all secretly begging for blackout to wait until the characters reached freedom. Silent prayers for a distracted tech-person filled the narrow cracks between grand mal convulsions of laughter.


Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger 2


It was up there with the hardest I've ever heard a theater audience laugh (nearly matched, to DuoFest's credit, later that night by Magnet Theater's Trike). Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger managed to elicit a mania so frothing that upon blackout, I nearly expected everyone in the audience the start indescriminantly punching each other's grinning teeth out.

I caught up briefly with Cortes. When I asked some version or another of "How do you guys do it?"  he replied, "We just always try to tell a good story. When you tell a good story and let the audience help guide you, it's really not that difficult."


Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger 3


By contrast with our other DuoFest favorite--Boston's Two Gentlemen, who wielded deft irreverence for the conventions of improv to create a psychedelic masterpiece--Ranger Danger & The Danger Ranger capitalized on every classic improv trick in the book. They operated with scene-economy, resource-optimization and infectious confidence, making the 60-seat PHIT space feel like a fucking stadium, in which we were watching a pair of rock-stars knock fastballs out of the park with upside-down guitars and illegal pyro.


Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger 4


Stay tuned to #DuoFest2014 for buzz on tonight's final shows. For tickets, visit duofest.com/2014/tickets/

NUGGET ALERT: Alarmingly hilarious improvisers from Boston performing #DuoFest2014 again Saturday at 7pm

DuoFest 2014 - Two Gentlemen (3)



What started as a gaffe--Arie Stern sitting lonesome on the stage with his partner in absentia--soon spun into a nearly metaphysical narrative which exploded the improviser/audience contract in the best and most unexpected ways possible. All while keeping a half dozen characters so stable and grounded that I felt like I was in the middle of season six of The Two Gentlemen Show.

"I'm sure he's just fucking with me, so I'll get started without him,"Arie says confidently.

Soon enough, an anonymous audience member in the form of second gentleman Greg Hernandez hits a beat seamlessly with comments about the attractiveness of Arie's on-stage dinner companion (up to this point, of course, invisible). We are then treated to tales of jealousy, pirates walking the plank, and meetings with Jane Austen's literary agent until members of the audience (Two Gentlemen, themselves) start commenting rudely about how offensive and sexist the show is. They are challenged by the performers on the stage (Two Gentlemen) to do THEIR OWN improv show.

They oblige.

Did you ever see improv so impossibly funny, with a chemistry simultaneously stable yet reactive… That you're certain it must be rehearsed?

I'm not entirely convinced it isn't.


DuoFest 2014 - Two Gentlemen (1)


I managed to get a few words from them after the show. I asked Hernandez--somewhat speechlessly--what's their "form" or "style". He replied, with some obviousness, "There is none."

"The only thing we try to do every time we perform is to make sure we play with what improv is capable of."


DuoFest 2014 - Two Gentlemen (2)


If there's one thing that settles my suspicion that Two Gentlemen may be a scam… That these guys may simply be a traveling pair of avant garde sketch comedy geniuses, it's in the chemistry.

"What are your favorite things about Jane Austen?" Greg's character asks Arie's character on stage, the first of three subtle "Does my partner know anything about literature?" quizzes exchanged subtextually during the scene--as if the two dudes are shooting the shit in a dorm room while rendering hilarious scenes for an improv festival in real-time.

"I don't know what I would have done if he HAD known anything about Jane Austen," admits Greg after the show, "Cuz I don't know anything about Jane Austen either!".

(Spoiler Alert: Their show contains NO Jane Austen spoilers.)


DuoFest 2014 - Two Gentlemen (4)


I have binding family obligations, but if you're even considering going out tomorrow night, start your evening off with an improv set from a couple of guys addicted to risks, addicted to character-commitment, addicted to exploring the theater space, and compelled against all reasoning-with to supply you with hilarious intellectual and emotional adventures at any cost.

It's unlikely that their set will be anywhere near as funny as it was last night--how could it possibly be? Don't worry about it, just scoop up your tickets quick! Philly improv fans should be excited that Boston has produced a male answer to The Amie and Kristin Show.


DuoFest 2014 - Two Gentlemen (5)
Two Gentlemen talk during the show about the Two Gentlemen show. [better images coming to PHIT's Flickr]

DuoFest 2014: BODYSNATCHERS / Kat & Vegas and The Temple of Boom

DuoFest 2014 - Bodysnatchers Dinosaur

BODYSNATCHERS got DuoFest 2014 off to the start it deserved: by running around the stage maniacally commanding a cast of thousands. The two men from St. Louis--Mitch Eagles and Randy Brachman--anchored characters into physically sound positions and then skitted about the stage using their own bodies like sock-puppets.

Their stories included Chef Boyardee's ravioli-eating challenge, labor unions vs robots, government dinosaurs (pictured), and a married couple giving birth to an existentially imperiled newborn. All played, of course by these two delightful Mario and Luigi goofballs who remind the audience one of the core values of improv--just go out there and have a good time!

DuoFest 2014 - Bodysnatchers Jump in Arms
After that, things got real weird with local raconteurs Vegas Lancaster and Cat London. Lancaster is a WitOut favorite over the years; Cat was the 2012 winner of the Jersey Acoustic Music Award for Top Pop/Rock Act. Together they took audience suggestions and made melodic, harmonic, wildly imaginative and borderline incoherent songs about male childbirth (pictured), scary tarantulas' nice thighs, accidental parking-garage homicide, barbecue grills hanging from a tree like a tire-swing (pictured, sorta) and being born with a weird claw instead of hands.

DuoFest 2014 - Kat and Vegas 1

Cat & Vegas nicely juggled the difficult task of generating musically palatable interlocking vocals while weaving a psychedelic disco full of dreamsicles and swinging barbecues.

DuoFest 2014 - Kat and Vegas 2My inner Jimmy Fallon fan guiltily delighted in watching Cat's face contort under the pressure of not to crack up laughing at her partner's Napoleon Dynamite-esque lyrical performance.
DuoFest 2014 - Kat and Vegas 3


Check back frequently for more updates from opening night of DuoFest, as well as updates throughout the weekend. Follow the action live on twitter with #DuoFest2014

VIDEO: If Church Was Like a Monster Truck Rally by Voided Pictures

Voided Pictures consists of PHIT alums John Rafferty and Michael Score. They work with a number of different Philly funny people on various video projects.

Here's a shortie but a goodie...


Photos from Secret Pants Greatest Hits

Secret Pants blew the shit off the lids on Friday night with their Best-Of performance. If you haven't heard of Secret Pants, you probably haven't heard of this website and are likely not reading this.

Suffice it to say, while there were two sketch comedy troupes previously in Philly (the exquisitely hilarious Gentleman's Rotary Auxillary [technically from South Jersey but sadly defunct in any event] and The Waitstaff [still kicking with great shows once or twice a year, but less integrated with the growing sketch comedy community] Secret Pants more or less started the sketch comedy scene as we know it today.

They worked tirelessly on appearances at smaller shows throughout the years, banging out themed sketches for various one-nighters, and their yearly holiday special is a Philly staple. Secret Pants are important, funny friends and we're lucky none of them want to move to L.A.

Check out their interview with Mike Marbach while perusing these fun photos!

Secret Pants - Alvin & The Chipmunks
Imagine an Alvin & The Chipmunks where Dave really REALLY loses his shit...
Secret Pants - Cancer Son
These weird parents treat their son terribly, until getting his unfortunate cancer results back...
Secret Pants - Contentious Dinner Party
You know that coupe that never fights... This is the dinner party where they finally explode.
Secret Pants - Danzig
Danzig, if "Mother" was a touching metal ballad about how much he really loves his mom.
Secret Pants - Law & Order Elves
Law & Order: Elves. The classic court-room procedural with helium balloons and pointy ears. [**Editor's Pick Funniest Sketch**]
Secret Pants - Peter Pan Drugs
Peter Pan on Drugs.
Secret Pants - Prom Night in 3 minutes
Prom night in 3 minutes.
Secret Pants - Time Traveling Train
Eerie train car travels through time whenever they pass through a tunnel.