by Mike Muller justintokellyduofest2014

NYC’s From Justin to Kelly (Justin Peters and Kelly Buttermore) were deliciously silly.  They took the audience’s suggestions of “Chipotle” during their Saturday night show and built an ever-expanding world of heartbreak, homelessness, and food service.

Kelly and Justin have a frenetic energy and breakneck speed between bits without missing a beat. Their visual communication adds to the frenzied atmosphere as they quickly gesture to each other to move on or jump between characters. They use their sex to their advantage; switching characters mid-routine allows them to do some hilarious and creative things with gender identity.

As a harried Chipotle team member complains to her boss about her recent ex literally taking the bathroom sink with her, both Kelly and Justin play the jilted lover and they continue to have fun with all of the outgrowths of that initial absurdity.

There are more jilted lovers living and working at the local YMCA, which just passed its third out of nine health inspections (“We’re batting .333!”), and having first dates at Alfredo’s, where the stereotypical Italian chef doesn’t understand why people don’t like “the eponymous I-ah put on everything.”

Slightly more successful lovers reminisce about good movie dates, where they had their minds blown by White Chicks. In fact, this show was chock full of lovers of all stripes. It all came back to Chipotle, though, when one of our heroes has to report to the big boss, Joel the Great and Powerful Wizard of Chipotle, who was Justin’s disembodied voice from behind the stage curtain.

When “Joel” told the homeless Kelly that, “There is no living in Chipotle!” it was one of the great bookend payoffs of the evening.


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