Secret Pants blew the shit off the lids on Friday night with their Best-Of performance. If you haven’t heard of Secret Pants, you probably haven’t heard of this website and are likely not reading this.

Suffice it to say, while there were two sketch comedy troupes previously in Philly (the exquisitely hilarious Gentleman’s Rotary Auxillary [technically from South Jersey but sadly defunct in any event] and The Waitstaff [still kicking with great shows once or twice a year, but less integrated with the growing sketch comedy community] Secret Pants more or less started the sketch comedy scene as we know it today.

They worked tirelessly on appearances at smaller shows throughout the years, banging out themed sketches for various one-nighters, and their yearly holiday special is a Philly staple. Secret Pants are important, funny friends and we’re lucky none of them want to move to L.A.

Check out their interview with Mike Marbach while perusing these fun photos!

Secret Pants - Alvin & The Chipmunks
Imagine an Alvin & The Chipmunks where Dave really REALLY loses his shit…
Secret Pants - Cancer Son
These weird parents treat their son terribly, until getting his unfortunate cancer results back…
Secret Pants - Contentious Dinner Party
You know that coupe that never fights… This is the dinner party where they finally explode.
Secret Pants - Danzig
Danzig, if “Mother” was a touching metal ballad about how much he really loves his mom.
Secret Pants - Law & Order Elves
Law & Order: Elves. The classic court-room procedural with helium balloons and pointy ears. [**Editor’s Pick Funniest Sketch**]
Secret Pants - Peter Pan Drugs
Peter Pan on Drugs.
Secret Pants - Prom Night in 3 minutes
Prom night in 3 minutes.
Secret Pants - Time Traveling Train
Eerie train car travels through time whenever they pass through a tunnel.