VIDEO: Down The Show Episode 4

The latest episode of Down The Show, created by Abigail Bruley and Andrew Laputka, features guest appearances by Janeane Garafalo and Eddie Pepitone and co-stars Jimmy Viola and Corey Cohen. Check it.

Celebrate 10 Years with Secret Pants!

Philly's most permanent sketch-comedy force-of-nature is putting together a two-night retrospective!

This Thursday night (5/29) at PHIT, Secret Pants will present Free to a Good Home, a behind-the-scenes, director's-commentary look at the worst material they've ever put together, generally agreed upon by members of Secret Pants as well as Philly audiences throughout the years! We'll find out what their motivation was, what they were going for, and--quite simply--what in God's name they were thinking. The evening will be hosted by Joe Moore.

Tickets are $5 in advance, and $7 at the door.

Then, on Friday (5/30), good taste--or at least, laughs--will prevail with Wouldn’t Change it for the World (or Best Offer), a straight show featuring the best material they have presented over the last decade. Dave Chappelle opener Chip Chantry will host.

Tickets are $10 in advance, and $12 at the door. Both shows are at 9:00pm. For tickets or more information, visit

DUOFEST 2014: Schedule and workshops announced


Every year, improvisers from all over the country pour into Philly to demonstrate their mastery of a form that goes an inch wide and a mile deep.

With no salvation in the form of goofball teammates waiting in the wings, the precarious two-person arrangement is probably the easist style with which to "shit the bed".

But when a duo with great chemistry really clicks, scenes can be fucking transcendent, leaving brains dripping down the walls.

Here's the lineup for this year.


7:02 p.m. BODYSNATCHERS (St. Louis)
Cat & Vegas and the Temple of Boom (NJ) GET TIX!
8:02 p.m. Two Gentlemen (Boston)
‘Til Death Do Us Part (Philly) GET TIX!
9:02 p.m. Hawk and Wayne (St. Petersburg) GET TIX!
We Know Each Other (Minneapolis)
10:02 p.m. Dog and Friend Dog (Kansas City)
Due Dilligence (Philly) GET TIX!

7:02 p.m. Rainer Maria Rilkshake (Philly)
Darcy & Bingley (Toronto) GET TIX!
8:02 p.m. The Amie and Kristen Show (Philly/NYC)
Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger (Los Angeles) GET TIX!
9:02 p.m. Virginia Jack (Vancouver)
Trike (NYC) GET TIX!
10:02 p.m. Foxtrot (Minneapolis)
Day Drunk (Toronto) GET TIX!
11:02 p.m. Gabe and Alex (Baltimore)
Venezuela (Montreal) GET TIX!

6:02 p.m. Iguanatron (Pittsburgh)
Michael Loves Greg (Philly) GET TIX!
7:02 p.m. Tomily Comedy (Boston)
Two Gentlemen (Boston) GET TIX!
8:02 p.m. Day Drunk (Toronto)
9:02 p.m. Matt& (Philly)
Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger (Los Angeles) GET TIX!
10:02 p.m. Jack & The Wolf (Chicago)
Upstate (NYC) GET TIX!
11:02 p.m. From Justin to Kelly (NYC)
Virginia Jack (Vancouver) GET TIX!

7:02 p.m. The Raving Jaynes (NYC)
Evan the Loyal (Baltimore) GET TIX!
8:02 p.m. ‘Til Death Do Us Part (Philly)
Darcy & Bingley (Toronto) GET TIX!
9:02 p.m. Foxtrot (Minneapolis)
Jack & The Wolf (Chicago) GET TIX!


All shows are at PHIT (Adrienne Theater 2030 Sansom Street). Also check out DuoFest workshops at

Friday 5/16: Hang On with Aaron Nevins

Hang On poster 5-16

Hang On guest Andy Breckman wrote Eddie Murphy's White Like Me sketch on SNL.

Also, check out Brooke Van Poppelen's appearance on Craig Ferguson:

LISTINGS UPDATE: Two new Philly open-mics

Czech out our open-mic listings for a new mic on Wednesdays (@ Jollie's Live 822 n. Broad St.) and a monthly Thursday mic (@ Pharmacy Coffee Gallery 18th & Wharton).

(Also, if you can find any out-of-date listings, for every closed mic you report I will personally hand you a crisp hundred dollar bill.)

open mic listings

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Doogie Horner & Friends @ PhilaMOCA Thursday


Doogie is coming back to Philly tomorrow (5/15) with yo-yo/juggler Mark Hayward and contortionism/magician Johnathan Burns. PhilaMOCA is located 531 N 12th St. Tickets are $10 bucks, and you can buy them online.

Ironically, if you miss this one-night-only show, you can catch it again at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville on Saturday (5/17).

Troika -- First Two Rounds Teams Announced

Last Year's Winning Team: Law & Order: LOL
Last Year's Winning Team: Law & Order: LOL

This year's Troika improv tournament kicks off Thursday!

As you know, members of the Philadelphia comedy community register to be placed randomly in a team of three, with the task of concocting their team's unique improv schtick.

The tournament is run by Figment Theater, and the shows will take place in their Studio C in the Asain Arts Initiative building (1219 Vine St, Studio C).

Round 1 (5/15), 9:30pm: Jeff Kremzier + Rob Alesiani + Steve Kleinedler vs Dave Donnella + Mallory Rhodes + Sofya Piro vs Darryl Charles + Jessica Snow + Tom Hannigan

Round 2 (5/22), 9:30pm: Dan Rich + Dave Sucharski + Derrick Hackett vs Andrew Coppola + Mike Butler + Ryan T Barlow vs Cara Schmidt + Hannah Datz + Raja Rajanathan

For more info, visit

VIDEO: "Grandma is Watching" by High Dramma

Here's a funny video by Philly's High Dramma. [Try not to picture those faces at the end, next time you fire up some "private browsing".]

High Dramma will be performing this weekend at the Charm City Comedy Festival in Baltimore. Their show is Saturday @ 9pm at Zissimos Bar (1023 W 36th St, Baltimore).