Note To Self 1
A Note to Self character ponders what type of piercing he should get…
Note to Self 2
An architect hasn’t seen his wife in weeks…
Note to Self 3
A jilted lover vents to her weird roomate…
Note To Self 4
…she decides to try impressing members of the same sex with her pearly white teeth.
Note To Self 5
Characters converge, bringing internal monologues with them.
Flat Earth Improv
At The SideShow, members of Flat Earth try their hand at improv.
Paul Triggiani and Jess Ross
Paul Triggiani remembers to say “yes, and…”
Flat Earth Improv 2
Girl’s choice dance at the skating rink.
Flat Earth Improv 3
Who invited her to the party?
Mike Marbach as Chris Walken
Mike Marbach has to improvise with famous impersonations…
Mike Marbach as Frank Underwood
Frank Underwood: 6 / 10.
Mike Marbach as Gilbert Gotfried
Gilbert Gotfried – 9 / 10
Mike Marbach as Jason Statham
His Jason Statham picks up WAY under-aged girls in his car.
Mike Marbach improvising as Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum — difficult but Mike sorta kills it.
Mike Marbach as Johnny Carson
Johnny Carson — Boo! Mike practiced this one!
Mike Marbach as Morgan Freeman
His Morgan Freeman came through in fine style…
Mike Marbach as Colombo
Oh, just one more thing…
Mike Marbach as Tom Brokaw
Tom Brokaw gets scandalous with a production assistant.
Mike Marbach as William Shatner
Kudos to Mike for channeling these hams while maintaining good improv scenes.
Becca Trabin running Town Hall
Becca Trabin closed the show by running a town hall meeting filled with citizens (us) pre-occupied by the local Lady Footlocker and which tablet computers are allowed.