KoechnerIn case you were thinking of checking out David Koechner this Saturday at the Trocadero, there’s a promo code “Champ” to enter when you buy tickets online which lets you get two tickets for the price of one.

This promo-code is a reference to his character’s nickname from the popular comedy film Anchorman, which has a sequel currently out called Anchorman 2. If you’re thinking about seeing Anchorman 2, it has really funny parts but it’s a bit too long. If you’re not a die-hard Anchorman fanatic, I’d say you can wait for it on Redbox or Netflix. If you ARE a die-hard Anchorman fanatic, well you’ve probably already seen it.

And if you’re an anchor-man Die Hard fanatic, I’d say you’re Jim Gardner at a John McClane marathon.

Jim Gardner Anchor-man

Seriously though. Never pay full price online.