Tonight: Goat Rodeo @ Philly Improv Theater

goat rodeoPhilly Improv Theater's third house sketch-team, Goat Rodeo, will be giving their final performance of "The 78th Annual Butterborough Pie Eating Contest". Formed over the summer and debuting at Fringe Festival, Goat Rodeo features some important Philly comedy names.

"The 78th Annual Butterborough Pie Eating Contest" stars Aaron Hertzog (Hate Speech Committee), Aubrie Williams (Mani-Pedi, Local Holiday Miracle), Chris McGrail (Kids with Rickets, Calletta & McGrail), Sue Taney (ComedySportz), Katlin Thompson (Mani-Pedi), Matt Lamson (N Crowd), Zach Uzupis (This Is Your Captain) and returning Goat Rodeo cast member Kristy Goldy.

The writing team consists of head-writer Christian Alsis (The Feeko Brothers), Martha Cooney (StoryUp, Hot Dish), Bill Flynn, Justin Miller, Dan Boldin and cast-members Aaron Hertzog, Chris McGrail and Aubrie Wililams.

"The 78th Annual Butterborough Pie Eating Contest" is directed by Philly sketch veteran Samantha Russel of Secret Pants, who says about the show, "The writers brought some very strong work to the table and the cast brings that work to life in the funniest way possible--I think the audiences are really enjoying it. We created a show where the sketches all take place in Butterborough County, which gives it a nice small town feel."

There's a cohesive structure to the show which Russel credits to "graphics guy" Bill Flynn. "Bill is the one responsible for making our shows one complete thought, instead of just sketches. We certainly couldn't have done this show without him."

Tickets are $10 bucks; the BYOB show starts at 9:00pm.

In the meantime, enjoy this video and get a feel of world Goat Rodeo will be rendering tonight live from Philadelphia!

Philadelphia’s Will SPANK Horton at Helium Comedy Club (Review)

Will “Spank” Horton &'s Priyanka Oza
Will “Spank” Horton &'s Priyanka Oza

Philly native, Will “Spank” Horton’s performance at Helium this past Saturday can be perfectly summed up by his very tongue-in-cheek closing line:

“Bye, everyone! I am not Hollywood and I never will be.”

After meeting him, I couldn’t agree more. Completely cool, laid back and friendly are just a few words I would use to describe this humble and talented comic.

Opening acts included comedians Anthony Moore and Darryl Charles. The absolutely amazing and adorable Moore had the audience roaring with his introductory line, “I am graduating this semester, so if y’all don’t laugh at this shit, I got a back-up plan.”

Both supporting comedians hilariously chronicled modern racial misunderstandings like professors asking for “black input” in classes as objective as math (Moore) or numerous requests to have his picture taken with locals during a trip to China (Charles). If you ever get a version of the Chinese Facebook, Charles warns you that you may see pictures of him awkwardly posing with the Chinese. He reminds us in this 2014 WitOut-Award-nominated bit that, this is not by choice.

Our headliner has been busy. You may have caught Spank on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out, on tour with Kevin Hart during Let Me Explain and Laugh At My Pain, or in the recent hit movie Ride Along. However, Spank started his comedy career at the just-closed-down Laff House. And if y’all didn't know, Spank has officially moved into the township. The energetic and well-projected comedian weaved the little tid-bit into every joke, reminding us every chance he got. “I can’t get into it with y’all, I live in the township now, we don’t do that!” he joked with a particularly charming group of hecklers.

Philly is glad to know things are going well for Spank. I honestly cannot think of one topic Spank did not cover during his show--relationships, marriage, college life and his own personal life. Spank’s method of comedy flirts intimately with the line between appropriate and inappropriate, pushing the boundaries of racial humor.  Experiencing his comedy live, it becomes obvious that this acclaim is very much well-earned. Tame one minute, risqué the next.

"I don’t want any trouble now, my wife is in the audience,” he joked. But I'm sure Mrs. Horton knows, all is forgiven in love and comedy!

And the Winners Are...

Winners of the 2014 WitOut Awards for Philly Comedy

Best Improv Group: Asteroid 
(runner up: Dr. Sleepover)

Best Standup Comedian: Mary Radzinski
(runner up: Alex Grubard)

Best Sketch Comedy Group: ManiPedi
(runner up: Secret Pants)

Best Storyteller:  Jen Curcio
(runners up--too close: Vicki Fernandez & Alex Pearlman)

Best Webseries: West Montclair High East
(runner up: Lady Lawyers)

Best Podcast: Gettin' Close with Mike Marbach
runner up: Wait, What?)

Best Female Improviser: Caitlin Weigel
(runner up: Kristen Schier)

Best Male Improviser: Andrew Stanton
(runner up: Rob Gentile)

Best Standup Bit: "Cancer" by Nikki Black
(runner up: "Insomnia" by Alex Grubard)

Best Live Comedy Sketch"Vampire Party" by Calletta & McGrail 
(runners up--tie: "Night of the Assholes" by Alley of Nightmares & "Aaron Sorkin's Buzzfeed" by The Flat Earth)

Best Sketch Comedy Video: Samesies by Iron Potato
(runner up: Vaccines by STRANGEMEAL)

Best Recurring Show: Your News, Philadelphia
(runner up: John Hughes High)

Best Short Run Show: Alley of Nightmares
(runner up: Reasonable Doubt)

Best Open Mic: Helium Comedy Club
(runner up: Sketch Up or Shut Up)

Best New Act: Your News, Philadelphia w/ Dave Metter
(runner up: Dr. Sleepover)

Special Achievement in the field of Tweeting@MaryRadzinski
(runner up: @ChipChantry)


witoutSeriously, it's this Sunday! Don't miss the 2014 WitOut Awards for Philly Comedy.


Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm @ World Cafe Live (3025 Walnut Street)

Featuring -- in no particular order:

Darryl Charles!
Aubrie Williams!
Chip Chantry!
Steve Swan!
Joe Moore!
Charles Rosen!
Jess Ross!
David Metter!
Roger C. Snair!
Corin Wells!
Aaron Nevins!
Don Montrey!
Dave Terruso!
John Kensil!
Figment Theater!
Elise Thompson-Hohl!
Jacquie Baker!
Juliet Hope Wayne!
Paul Triggiani!
An "In Memoriam" Video!
The Legendary Wid!
Dan Corkery!
The KupMuff Show!
Kristin Fingir!
Matt Schmid!
Frank Farrel!
Shannon Devido!


Don't miss the Philadelphia comedy community flavored-vodka-sponsored event of the season! We promise it will be shorter than Wolf of Wall Street, but funnier than Anchorman 2!

New Episode of "Dates" Created by Philly Comedians

Episode 5 of Dates by Alejandro Morales stars Tim Butterly and's own David Metter.

PHIT Officially Moves to The Adrienne!
After years of Philly Improv Theater shows only occurring SOMETIMES... Phit is Philly's comedy-hermit-crab, filling up the second floor of the Adrienne for a calendar-expanding all-the-time theater-space which will leave our alternative comedy scene drowning in shows!

Check out their newly buffed up all-month calendar, to which, by all reports, even more regular shows will be added as 2014 unravels.

(Oh, also, last chance to vote for Sunday's WitOut Awards for Philly Comedy. [do it.])