Martin Hopper of The Hopper Brothers emailed WitOut today to let us know the band’s new comedy album, The Hoppers’ Holiday Classics, is now available for $FREE.99 on Bandcamp:

“Dear Regional-Niche-Enthusiast-Web-Publication,

 My name is Martin Hopper and I am 379 months old.  Me and my little brother Benny made a band and since we are the Hoppers and we are brothers we called this band The Hopper Brothers Band (“Family friendly fun for fun with your family and friends.”)

We like holidays because you don’t have to go to work and sometimes you get to wear silly costumes (last St. Patty’s day Benny and I dressed as the C-cups in an over-sized, papier-mache “Erin go bra”).  We picked 16 of our favorite holidays and wrote songs about them for our new album: The Hoppers’ Holiday Classics.  There’s a song for Valentine’s Day and Christmas and Ramadan and Tax Day and a whole bunch more.  They are so very much fun and we worked so very much hard on them and we would so very much appreciate it if you gave them a listen at this link:

And guess what!  Some bands charge you a kabillion dollars for their albums.  We are charging the opposite of a kabillion.  You can download our album for absolutely zero dollars.  It’s FREE (of course, you can name your price so if you did feel like throwing us a couple of bucks, we would think you’re awesome)!

And double guess what!  On May 8th we will be performing as part of PHIT’s Variety Sweeps Week. A whole bunch of cool acts will be producing shows and the best one will get a regular gig at PHIT.  Our show is again about the holidays.  The one on May 8th is going to be all about Mother’s Day!  So come to the Shubin and bring your mom!

Thanks so much, Regional-Niche-Enthusiast-Web-Publication.  We hope you come to our show and download our album!

Martin Steven Hopper”