High Dramma Video Chats about Their Latest Show

Curt and Jackie of High Dramma Sketch Comedy were recently guests on the Joey Ritter video podcast.  Click here to watch and listen to them talk about their next show (April 3rd-6th), performing live vs. shooting video sketches, and more!

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"We Plan on Having a Controlled Chaos" - Interview with the Hosts of 'Chaos Comedy'

This Wednesday, local comedians Jimmy Viola and Jon Lalu kick off a new monthly show at Adobe Cafe, Chaos Comedy. Here they are with more info:


WitOut: The name of your show is Chaos Comedy. Does that mean you're planning for it to actually be chaotic? How will you organize your chaos into a show?

Jon Lalu: We plan on having a controlled chaos theme. The audience will witness the CHAOSPHERE in action. It's totally unpredictable.

Jimmy Viola: The random audience members we select to perform in the line up, the sketches we perform between acts, and how we host the show itself, all of those variables will be selected through the CHAOSPHERE. So we're not entirely sure how every aspect of the show will play out until showtime. The audience will be present to witness and partake in our journey into calculated chaos.

You can tweet us your names @SummonChaos for a chance to perform on the card. The open mic afterward will also be selected randomly, straight from the CHAOSPHERE. It might be the fairest open mic night after a free show in  Philly, or a really terrible idea. We'll see how our experiment turns out.

WO:You're taking over the night at Adobe Cafe previously held by Accidents Will Happen. How did you get that spot? Was there a hostile takeover, or were you more polite?

JV: The official story is that Accidents Will Happen host Bradley Beck was killed when he drank a poisoned beer from Necrosexual at the final AWH show, signaling a new era of chaos. Truthfully, for someone who seems to pride himself on being difficult to work with, Bradley has only been helpful. Jon and I co-hosted his AWH show in January and we had a blast.

WO: When the two of you guest-hosted Accidents Will Happen, you performed original sketches between stand-up sets. Will Chaos Comedy have a similar format?

JL: We plan on having a mix of sketches and being ourselves, but ultimately it's up to the CHAOSPHERE.

JV: The spirit of Chaos Comedy is to expect the unexpected, so we have surprises in store for the audience.

WO: Jimmy, probably one of the best things you're known for in Philly comedy is your Necrosexual character. Will The Necrosexual fit into Chaos Comedy at all, or is that something you'll continue to do as its own thing?

JV: I can't speak on the Necrosexual's behalf, but again, anything can happen at a Chaos Comedy show.

WO: There are 7 performers on this show. Please say one nice about each of them, and also one thing to illustrate how/why their comedic style fits the theme of chaos.

JV: We've assembled two Helium hosts, two New England guys, a pot-dealing robot and a slew of other characters for the show. It's rare to find such an eclectic line-up in one room at a free show anywhere else in the city. And of course, we also select at least one audience member at random to perform in the middle of the card.

JL: Doogie Horner was the first comedian I saw in Philly, and I thought to myself "this guy is a natural comedian."

JV: Doogie Horner was the first comic I ever performed with in Philly. I organized these rowdy stand-up comedy shows at Ray's Happy Birthday Bar back in 2008 when I was  underage, utterly horrified and unprepared to tell jokes to a dive bar full of drunks. So we've definitely had a few chaotic comedy shows in our history.

JL: Dave Terruso has a book coming out. That's a big deal.

JV: I'm really excited to see Pot Bot, the drug-dealing robot with a heart of gold and copper wires, who was constructed in the mind of Chris McGrail.

JL: Pot Bot. So glad to see my two favorite loves personified.

JV: Last we saw of Pot Bot, he splattered Dan Vetrano's spleen at Pro-Mania2k12, and Vetrano will return with vengeance on his mind and a score to settle.

JL: Dan Vetrano is eccentric and vibrant, always has the crowd's attention and is an all-around funny guy. He lives comedy.

JV: Nicole Yates might not be present, but if not, we'll be graced by 2013 Veggie wing bowl winner Carol the crazy Kenzo mom. We've also got RA Bartlett and James Creelman in the mix. They're from New England and I haven't met either guy. From what I've seen of them online, they seem like funny dudes. Creelman prints funny bumper stickers. That we're performing with strangers at face value is another dance with chaos.

'Chaos Comedy' is this Wednesday, April 3rd at Adobe Cafe (1919 E. Passyunk Avenue). Show starts at 9PM; open mic at 11PM. Admission is $FREE.99.