Each month, Philly writer/musician/person Chris Hurdle hosts comedians and/or funny friends for The Internuts Podcast, a comedy program which explores “the very worst the internet has to offer,” from Craigslist posts to fan fiction.

Last month’s episode featured stand-up Carolyn Busa, and the latest episode featuring Thelma Weinstein and Jim Conrad just came out.   You can listen here, or through iTunes.

And here’s some more background on the ‘cast from Chris: “The show began with only my friends as guests but eventually I got bold and started reaching out to comedians, improvisers, writers, bloggers, and others from the comedy community (mostly from around Philly).  In the beginning my friends also made up the bulk of the audience (out of pity, I suspect) but eventually the audience grew to be several thousand strangers, thanks exclusively to word of mouth (and pity, I suspect).”

If you are a Philadelphia comedy performer that produces a podcast, web series, sketch video, humor column, or any other online content let us know by emailing us at contact@witout.net so we can share it!