Philly Improv Theater sketch house team The Flat Earth will be performing a brand new sketch comedy revue at PHIT beginning tonight with four dates between now and Friday, March 8. Their first sketch revue premiered at last year’s Fringe Festival to much success, earning it encore performances at PHIT as well as a nominations from their peers for “Best Sketch Group” and “Best Short-Run or One-Time Show” at the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy. We asked the actors and writers of The Flat Earth to tease their favorite moments from their upcoming show to help whet potential audience members’ appetites. As you’ll see, they (and you) have a lot to be excited about.

Brent Knobloch
“The opening sketch of the show features Molly Silverman and Jacqueline Baker doing some of the most brilliantly subtle yet insanely funny acting I’ve seen in a long time. The ease with which they pull every possible laugh out of the script is incredible.”

Jess Ross
“Really happy with the strong female roles in this show. A lot of sketch you see is all dudes, sometimes one chick. And if there is a chick she’s a naggy girlfriend/mom/boss. Our girls have some of the funniest moments in the show and I’m really proud of them and to the writers for giving them such fun parts to play.”

Jim Grammond
“My favorite part of the upcoming show is I get to eat during two sketches.”

Rich Lee
“One of my favorite new additions for this show is the sketch Garrote.  It’s got a smart yet silly vibe, with some good old fashioned slap-stick moments.  It will definitely get laughs with Brent Knobloch and Luke Field dancing around on stage.  The next prop would have to be for Molly Silverman in our opening sketch.  I don’t want to say the title as it would give away some jokes, but she plays a mother consoling her daughter on her wedding day.  Molly has some hilarious deliveries and we can all thank Sean Landis for writing one of the silliest yet hard to say lines in sketch… close parenthesis.”

Luke Field
“The opening sketch of the show makes me laugh every time.  Molly’s delivery of the lines is perfect as a very specific retro mom.  And I appreciate all references to the halcyon days of my tweenage years.”

Vincent DiCostanzo

Jacqueline Baker
“Our latest sketch revue has a lot in common with the Pesto Shrimp & Avocado Crostini appetizer from Romano’s Macaroni Grill: textured pesto bits, frou-frou shrimpy accents, a crunchy crostini restaurant battle, and a colorful and gooey avocado finish. The old Macaroni Grill slogan “Run By Chefs. That Explains Our Food” is our comedic ethos and a godawful slogan. Seriously, who coined that garbage? Not one of our writers, that’s who. ”

Sean Landis
“My favorite moment is the way Molly Silverman performs the final line in our password sketch. The line itself is already a well-written final joke to the sketchBut the first time I heard Molly perform the line, I was so surprised by her choice that I laughed for, like, a minute straight.”

Adam Siry
“I love the costumes in our opening sketch, and Luke Field’s drumming skills send my heart aflutter.”

Molly Silverman
“Its tough to play favorites, but I will say there is one sketch in particular that has tested my ability to keep a straight-face on stage. Jacqueline Baker’s kooky monologue cracks me up each time. I laugh every time, without fail.”

Matthew Schmid
“My favorite part of the show is a sketch that Sean Landis wrote which stars Molly Silverman and Jacquie Baker.  There’s so many great lines in it and Jacquie and Molly really hit each one out of the park.  I’ve seen the sketch about 40 times during rehearsal, it still cracks me up each time.”

Steve Swan
“My favorite thing about the show is the variety of styles in it, and how receptive everyone is (writers, actors, and our director Paul Triggiani) to each other’s inputs.  That really takes the sketches to the next level.”

The Flat Earth’s Second Sketch Revue is February 28 – March 1, and March 7 – 8 at 8:30pm at Philly Improv Theater at The Shubin Theater (407 Bainbridge St.) Tickets can be purchased online.