If you read this week’s Philly Comedy Round-up, you already know there are a shit ton of shows happening this week.  One of ’em is the brand new Live, Love, Laugh showcase, presented by TheComedyCircle.com and Ken Jones.  Here’s Ken talking about the show, his co-host, and why you should be there this Saturday.

WitOut: How did you get started doing comedy in Philly?72920_10200242551683480_204280982_n

Ken Jones: Well I started out making crazy [status updates] on Facebook and someone told me I should make video blogs. I did the blogs then someoneone told me I should hit the stage. So I did my first open mic in December of 2010 at the Raven Lounge and did great, and I’ve been in love with comedy ever since.

WO: What’s your role in TheComedyCircle.com, and who else is involved with that?

KJ: I don’t really have a role in it, but my business partner Anwar started it to give young comedians like myself more exposure.

WO: What’s the history of Live, Love, Laugh? And is there a story behind the name?

KJ: February 2nd will be our first show and it will be every first Saturday at Eden, East 5600 Germantown Avenue, but we would like to make our show more than just a show, but an event that people look forward to going to every month.

“Live, love, laugh” is a common saying that not only comedians but everyone uses on a regular basis, and it just seemed to fit us so well. We are just regular people trying to live in the world, feel loved and laugh more than cry.

WO: How did you get together with your co-host, Shanell Renee? What do you like about her as a comedian?

KJ: I met Shanell busting jokes in a circle of comedians at a show and our vibe was great because she has the same drive and hunger for comedy as me.  She can go joke for joke with the best and when she freestyles she is a monster.

WO: There’s a lot going on in Philly comedy for people to choose from this week, but your show is almost sold out. What do you think makes Live, Love, Laugh stand out for audiences?

KJ: The fact that we are genuine. We are just real people trying to provide good entertainment, versus the big businesses who just want money. We also personally invited our guests besides just posting our show on Facebook and handing out flyers. I mean those are great methods, but people like to be personal when they spend their money versus it just being a business transaction.

‘Live, Love, Laugh’ is this Saturday, February 2nd at East Eden Catering (5600 Germantown Avenue) at 8pm. Tickets are $9.