It’s almost time for the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy!  As we get closer to the show, we’ll be rolling out a series of posts to help you get more acquainted with this year’s nominees. Read all about ’em, and then be sure to get your tickets for the big event on January 13th at World Cafe Live!

The nominees for Best New Act are:

A mix of improv veterans and fresh faces, Philly Improv Theater House Team Davenger likes its improv lean and gamey. Performing the classic Harold format, they attack the stage with emotion, intellect, and a strong sense of mischief.

Maggy Keegan

Dan Corkery
Hilary Kissinger
Nicholas Mirra
Alex Newman
Cait O’Driscoll
Kevin Pettit
Jessica Snow
Max Sittenfield
Brian Rumble

Hot Dish
Hot Dish features well-seasoned performers eager to satisfy audiences who hunger for funny, intelligent, ensemble-based improv comedy. Sometimes spicy, sometimes rich and indulgent, always comedically delicious.

Steve Kleinedler

Chris Calletta
Corin Wells
Emily Davis
Jim Burns
Martha Cooney
Maureen Costello
Sue Jahani

The Flat Earth

Gathering talent from the improv, sketch, stand-up and theater worlds, The Flat Earth debuted in 2012 as Philly Improv Theater’s first house sketch team.  Their sketch revue show had a five-night run at the Philly Fringe Festival, a two-night encore at the Shubin Theater, and received great praise from audience members they asked in the lobby afterwards.

Director: Paul Triggiani
Head Writer: Steve Swan

Vincent DiCostanzo
Luke Field
Sean Landis
Jess Ross
Matt Schmid
Adam Siry

Jacqueline Baker
Jim Grammond
Brent Knobloch
Rich Lee
Jess Ross
Molly Silverman
Harry Watermeier

American Breakfast

American Breakfast debuted at Sketch Up or Shut Up in February 2012. Between then and now, they performed irregularly at the Theme Show and were invited to perform at ManiParty, at Camp Woods Plus and at the Shubin Theater. The name reflects their love of this country and its morning-specific food items. They are Sean Landis, Eric Steele, Peter Rambo and Nora Redman.

Peter Rambo
Sean Landis
Eric Steele
Nora Redman

Daring Daulton

Daring Daulton is a sketch duo who have been performing in Philadelphia since March of 2012. Both members have a background in film and screenwriting, drawing influences from filmmakers like the Coen brothers, PT Anderson and sketch shows like the Kids in the Hall and Mr. Show. As such, Daring Daulton’s largely character-driven sketches can best be identified by their dark subject matter, absurdist elements and meticulous dialogue.

Trevor Cunnion
Joe Paolucci