2014 WitOut Awards

2014 WitOut HostsWinners of the 2014 WitOut Awards for Philly Comedy

Best Improv Group: Asteroid
(runner up: Dr. Sleepover)

Best Standup Comedian: Mary Radzinski
(runner up: Alex Grubard)

Best Sketch Comedy Group: ManiPedi
(runner up: Secret Pants)

Best Storyteller: Jen Curcio
(runners up–too close: Vicki Fernandez & Alex Pearlman)

Best Webseries: West Montclair High East
(runner up: Lady Lawyers)

Best Podcast: Gettin’ Close with Mike Marbach
(runner up: Wait, What?)

Best Female Improviser: Caitlin Weigel
(runner up: Kristen Schier)

Best Male Improviser: Andrew Stanton
(runner up: Rob Gentile)

Best Standup Bit: “Cancer” by Nikki Black
(runner up: “Insomnia” by Alex Grubard)

Best Live Comedy Sketch: “Vampire Party” by Calletta & McGrail
(runners up–tie: “Night of the Assholes” by Alley of Nightmares & “Aaron Sorkin’s Buzzfeed” by The Flat Earth)

Best Sketch Comedy Video: Samesies by Iron Potato
(runner up: Vaccines by STRANGEMEAL)

Best Recurring Show: Your News, Philadelphia
(runner up: John Hughes High)

Best Short Run Show: Alley of Nightmares
(runner up: Reasonable Doubt)

Best Open Mic: Helium Comedy Club
(runner up: Sketch Up or Shut Up)

Best New Act: Your News, Philadelphia w/ Dave Metter
(runner up: Dr. Sleepover)

Special Achievement in the field of Tweeting: @MaryRadzinski
(runner up: @ChipChantry)