Description: For three Friday’s in January The New Dreamz will be showing their new work, holding comedy performance workshops and joke club meetings to prepare for their West Coast comedy tour.

The New Dreamz is the comedy performance duo of artists Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Rose Luardo.  The two have been working together for 3 years and create videos, short plays and sketch performances. In 2010 they began hosting Comedy Dreamz at the Barbary, a bi-monthly night of comedy, dance and video.

During the residency, the audience can expect to engage with material that will never be performed again and material that will be indoctrinated into The New Dreamz fat folds. Each of the three performance will be unique. During their workshops the comedy artists will ask the audience for reasons why they are laughing (or not laughing) and the joke club meeting will ask the audience to participate in a comedy focus group.

The residency will be held at Space 1026 (1026 Arch Street) a Philadelphia collective art community and institution that was established in 1997. It is known for its own brand of experimental work. Former members include artists Adam Wallacavage, Clare Rojas and Jayson Musson.  Space 1026 has presented art shows and performances by Force Field, Cory Archangel, Paper Rad, Daniel Johnston, Thurston Moore and Lightening Bolt.

Style: Variety

Date: January 4, 18 and 25

Time: Doors-7:30PM Show-8:00PM

Admission: Free

Location: Space 1026 – 1026 Arch Street

Contact: Website