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My name is Nora and I am in a sketch group called American Breakfast. I never go to anything or talk to anyone so I am forever having conversations with 3/4 of American Breakfast about who the heck they are talking about.  They’ll tell me things like, “He’s a part of [nonsense name]” or “He has brown hair.”  Big help, guys.  So, here’s my list of the Top 5 Guys Whose Names I Can’t Remember.

1. …Matt?

2. Tall guy. People seem to really like him but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard him talk. It would be funny if he had a real squeaky voice.

3. OK this guy has a beard but he’s NOT the other guy with a beard. They both intimidate me.

4. Hat guy. He’s got like… a hat. At least one time I saw him wearing a hat.

5. Dumb face. God this guy’s face is so dumb. Nice guy though.


Nora is a member of sketch group American Breakfast, and far too easy to be Googled to have her last name tied to and held accountable for her illustrious comedy career.